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Ms Maria (Mary) Chorozoglou

Ms Maria (Mary) Chorozoglou

 Bsc (Hons), MSc
Senior Research Fellow In Health Eco

Research interests

  • Research interests
  • Analysis of individual patient data from Randomised Controlled Trials and Electronic Routinely Collected data. Methodological aspects of health technology assessment in paediatric and early life interventions, incorporating long term economic implications,The use of Patient Level Information and Costing System (PLICS) data collection alongside RCTs. Methodologies of improving health outcomes in relation to health care using routinely collected NHS electronic records data to facilitate greater integration between NHS records and applied research processes.Health policy research and healthcare systems, providing data and observations about how policy changes could contribute to better outcomes through economies of scale.  

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Address: University Of Southampton Science Park, Enterprise Road, Chilworth, SO16 7NS


As an economist, my interest lies on the economics of health in a broader term than the conventional cost-effectiveness analysis. Health economics research in this respect and following the original Greek term ‘oikonomia’, can support policymaking by framing and articulating the economic arguments above and beyond their monetary value.


Maria Chorozoglou is a Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics within the Faculty of Medicine and a Senior Research Advisor for the NIHR/RDS South Central.

Maria is a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton since 2008. Currently she holds two posts one as Senior Research Fellow at SHTAC and the other as Senior Research Advisor in health economics at RDS SC. She joined SHTAC in November 2014 and she has done work with RDS SC since 2010. Prior to her current roles, she has been a member of the Health Economics Team at Wessex Institute and later of the academic unit of Primary Care and Population Sciences. Maria is an experienced researcher participating in clinical studies as the lead health economist and she provides support and advice to clinical teams interested to incorporate health economics in their research applications for funding.

Her primary research interest includes studies for children, and she has been the health economist for studies funded by NIHR (Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR), Health Technology Assessment (HTA), and Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)) and the Wellcome Trust. Maria has experience conducting economic evaluations using individual patient data alongside clinical trials and cross-sectional/longitudinal studies with an emphasis on routinely collected clinical data. Her research interests lie on issues of the economics of health, focusing on methodological challenges measuring and assessing health and quality of life and the analysis of long-term economic implications of chronic disease, physical impairment and mental health. Please see her article at the NIHR/RDS blog and the NIHR/RDS SC/EGGA presentation reflecting on some of the broader aspects of the economics of health and social care research.

Maria’s professional and academic carrier spans 40 years, prior to joining the academia she had a long-standing career mainly in pharmaceutical industry. She holds an MBA and while still in Athens/Greece she worked as a licensed Consultant Economist (The Economic Chamber of Greece). She lives and works in the UK since 2004.

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