Doctor Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill

Dr Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill

Head of Department

Research interests

  • Care in later life
  • Older people's social and support networks
  • Vulnerability

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Elisabeth's research focuses on understanding the relationships between social networks, social stratification and the construction of vulnerability over the lifecourse. She is interested in the negotiation of care and support in older people’s family and community networks and the impacts of migration on these. Her academic background is interdisciplinary, combining anthropology and demography, and her research merges qualitative and quantitative methods, with ethnography informing the design and interpretation of survey sources.

She sits on the editorial board of Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology and Ageing and Society.

Elisabeth is Head of Department, Director of Research and and Academic Integrity Officer for the Gerontology Department.