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Professor Simon Blainey

Professor Simon Blainey

Professor of Sustainable Transport

Research interests

  • Rail demand and operations modelling
  • GIS and transport
  • Transport decision support systems

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


I am Professor of Sustainable Transport and Head of the University's Transportation Research Group.  I have particular expertise in rail transport but during my career I have experience of undertaking research relating almost all transport modes.  From an early age I have had a keen interest in all facets of transportation systems and their relationships with wider society and the physical environment.  Transport plays a crucial role in enabling and creating the complex linkages which allow our society to function, but also poses a threat to the continued existence of that society through the demands it makes on natural and human resources and the damage it causes to the environment.  Through my work at TRG I aim to make a contribution to the development of a transport network which is more sustainable, more efficient, and less costly to users, government and the environment.  This aim is central to both my research and my teaching, full details of which are provided in the relevant sections of my profile.