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Brunna Pimentel BA Philosophy

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"I wanted to apply to universities which were part of the Russell Group because I believe that attending a University with a good reputation and which has been recognised for their good teaching and research is very important and will help me in the future."

How did Southampton help you settle in and help you belong?

I was very excited to come to Southampton, I remember packing my bags and leaving everything ready to go a couple of weeks in advance and I couldn’t wait for the day to come. I think that I had to overcome a lot of limitations and fears but the euphoria of entering a new stage in life is what I remember most clearly from that period of my life. I think the University has been helpful from the very beginning but I think I started to feel like I really belonged when I switched courses to philosophy and I found a very nice group of friends.

What is it like studying here?

I love studying here! I think I have learnt so many important life lessons from my time here and I truly feel that University is an invaluable experience. I think that my department (philosophy) is extremely helpful and supportive and you really do feel like a part of something special. From the pub quiz nights with students and lectures to the extremely helpful professors who have been so helpful during class but also during their office hours – I really have a special affection for my degree and for this department.

How do you rate study facilities at the University, such as the Library?

The library is incredible with the amount and the diversity of books that they have. In addition, the library staff has always been lovely and extremely helpful, especially in third year when I need rarer books for my dissertation but through interlibrary loans I have been able to get them in no time, which has been extremely useful.

What have been your Southampton ‘highlights’ (best experiences) so far?

I have lived so many wonderful experiences that I’d be extremely difficult to pick only one. I think that time enjoyed with friends has been invaluable. Studying the degree I have studied has also been such an amazing journey and experience and the University as a whole is in my opinion such a good place to have studied my undergrad and lived for four years.

What other activities have you taken advantage of while at University?

I have been a student ambassador which has been a lot of fun and a good way to make money on the side. I have been a peer mentor which was a nice way to help other students out with the knowledge I have gained about university life. In addition, I have been a writer for the student publication The Edge which has been fantastic, enabling me to review concerts, plays and ballets and even got me to interview singer-songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwhich! I have also been part of the travelling society committee, been on the University’s skiing and surfing trips and joined dance and kickboxing societies.

Have you had any exposure to employer involvement or research-led learning during your course?

I have enjoyed research-led learning during my course which has been very inspiring. Most of the philosophy professor publish their own work and write books and it’s all astonishing work! 

What are you enjoying most about your course?

I enjoy everything about my course. I think it has been such an amazing degree choice personally and I love studying something which makes me reflect and think and in which I get to express my own opinions which are not only appreciated but needed!

Do you have the opportunity to study modules outside of your core subject area, and how do you think they are adding to your experience / will affect your future plans?

Yes I do, in my second year I chose to take up a criminology module because it interested me and I think I learnt so much from it. The option of taking an optional module is an important one in my opinion because I think everyone has something to gain and learn by broadening our horizons and it’s nice to have had this opportunity throughout my degree.

What networking, employment and work experience opportunities have you undertaken and how have they enhanced your undergraduate experience? 

I have shadowed a client senior director for marketing and although it made me realise it’s not something I wish to pursue nonetheless it gave me an insight into the world of work which was invaluable.

Did you stay in University accommodation?

I stayed in halls and enjoyed my time there. I think it was easy to make friends and I still remain in contact with a few of them.

Do you like living in Southampton

I like Southampton, I think it will always be special to me because of all I lived here. I think the city is also expanding and improving. Furthermore, I think there is plenty of things to do, from concert venues, gig venues, shopping, gastronomy, theatre and art galleries. I think that Southampton is mostly safe but I think it’s important to look after yourself always and there are some tricky areas as with many cities.

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