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Research group

IT innovation

Digital payment

We develop new information technologies and their use in industry and commerce. We focus on ways in which this technology can inform areas like secure systems, risk management, cyber security and social media analysis.


Our group explores information technologies, and their use in industry and commerce. We work in industry sectors including:

  • ecology
  • health
  • media
  • e-government
  • oil and gas exploration
  • marine systems
  • education
  • transport

We collaborate with other organisations on funded research projects, through directly-funded contract research and development and through specialist consultancy.

This covers work in areas like:

  • secure systems
  • risk management
  • cyber security
  • crisis management
  • social media analysis
  • social behaviour in complex human-machine networks

Research highlights

Empowering young people to make positive health choices during the COVID-19 pandemic

Helping young people to make positive lifestyle choices has never been as important as it is now. LifeLab is working to ensure young people have a voice, and that they understand the choices they can make to reduce the impact COVID-19 on their lives.

Projects and publications

Our people

My current project portfolio advances data-driven healthcare, 5G media service delivery and security in industry 4.0.
Professorial Fellow in Information Techn
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