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Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Commercial testing

We offer commercial testing, technical consultancy and a modelling/simulation service to support industrial customers through a range of activities.
  • Development testing
  • Type approval
  • Material characterisation
  • Forensic analysis
  • FEA modelling (mechanical, thermal, electrical)

Getting your product tested

Please refer to our commercial activities below to verify that the test required is within our capabilities and provide as much information as possible in the initial enquiry. Once the activity is set, we will provide you with a formal quote, based on which we will need to receive a purchase order before we agree the testing date(s). The customer is responsible for both delivery and collection of the items to be tested. We request payment once any reports have been supplied.

How we quote

A quote will be based on the time required to prepare for and undertake the test. We determine the number of days required for a series of tests, where our minimum bookable time is a half-day. For long-term testing (e.g. 1000 hour salt fog tests) we use a reduced daily rate that reflects the amount of technical support the test requires over its duration. There is an additional charge for the preparation of reports and/or test methodology. Current rates are available on request.


We calibrate our measurement equipment to UKAS standards. We have standard meters that are only used for calibration and are regularly calibrated using an external accredited service. Although not directly UKAS-accredited, we can provide an accredited service if required.

Standard terms and conditions


Explore our commercial testing activities and facilities.