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Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Our people

We are a vibrant group of academics and researchers that specialises in various themes of electric power engineering.

Dr Abhinav Kumar Singh BTech, PhD, MIEEE, AFHEA

Lecturer in Electrical/Electronic Pwr Sy

Research interests

  • Power system dynamics
  • Power system estimation and control
  • Large-scale integration of renewables

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Dr Alexander Daykin-Iliopoulos

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr George Callender

Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Eng
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Professor George Chen


Research interests

  • Electrical insulation and dielectrics;
  • Space charge measurement and interpretation for dielectric performance improvements.
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Dr Huajie Yi

Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Power assets condition monitoring, assessment and management
  • Power assets data analysis
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Dr Ian Hosier PhD

Research Fellow-High Voltage Plant

Research interests

  • Dielectric materials
  • Ageing
  • Morphology
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Dr Igor Golosnoy

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Research interests include numerical modelling of various coupled electrical, thermal and mechanical phenomena with emphasis on free and moving boundaries problems: gaseous discharges and arcs; electric propulsion systems for spacecraft, e.g. Pulsed Plasma Thrusters, Gridded Ion Engines, Hollow Cathodes; lightning strikes damage in aircrafts and wind turbines; eddy currents in electrical machines; oil and dust migrations in transformers; gas flow and heat exchange in fibre network materials; heat transfer, sintering and residual stresses in various coatings; transient liquid phase bonding technique; plastic deformation of multilayer materials and structures; laser drilling and surface modification of metals and composites.
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Dr Istebreq Saeedi

Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Eng

Research interests

  • Dielectric materials
  • Green insulations
  • Polymer physics and chemistry

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Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory staff

These are the key staff involved in the running of the laboratories.

Charles Reed: High Voltage Test Engineer. Email: 

Alan Welford: TDHVL Technician. Email:

Elizabeth Tillotson: High Voltage Laboratory Administrator. Email: