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Research project

EP/K009877/1 - Andrew Hector - Enabling microfocus and thin film x-ray scattering


Lead researcher

Professor Andrew Hector

Head of School

Research interests

  • Materials synthesis, including metal nitrides, thin film materials, sol-gel and solvothermal processes and porous structures.
  • Materials characterisation – powder and thin film diffraction, microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.
  • Electrochemistry, including charge storage in battery and supercapacitor type cells, and electrodeposition of various materials. 
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Other researchers

Dr Mark Light

X Ray Diffraction Manager

Research interests

  • Single crystal X-ray diffraction
  • Powder and materials X-ray diffraction
  • Total scattering and pair distribution function analysis
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Research outputs

Li Shao, Gilles E. Moehl, Ruomeng Huang & Andrew L. Hector, 2023, RSC Advances, 13(46), 32660-32671
Type: article
Nikolaos Aspiotis, Katrina Morgan, Benjamin März, Knut Müller-Caspary, Martin Ebert, Edwin Weatherby, Mark Light, Kevin Chung-Che Huang, Daniel W. Hewak, Sayani Majumdar & Ioannis Zeimpekis, 2023, npj 2D Mater Appl, 7
Type: article