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Research project

S Khakoo: Using MHC Class l Peptides to modulate NK cell activity, as a basis for immunotherapy


Lead researcher

Professor Salim Khakoo

Professor of Hepatology

Research outputs

Grace Elizabeth Cooper,
Jemma Mayall,
Chantal Donovan,
Tatt J. Haw,
Kurtis F. Budden,
Nicole G. Hansbro,
Evy E. Blomme,
Tania Maes,
Chia Wei Kong,
Jay C. Horvat,
Tom MA Wilkinson,
Philip M. Hansbro,
, 2022 , American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Type: article
Amber Doyle,
Salim Khakoo,
Marta Ewa Polak,
Rebecca Fulton,
, 2022 , The Journal of Immunology , 209 (2) (2) , 379--390
Type: article
Amber G. Bozward,
Frazer Warricker,
Ye H. Oo,
& Salim I. Khakoo
, 2021 , Frontiers in Immunology , 12
Type: review
Mark Cragg,
Amber Doyle,
christopher Walker,
yosef landesman,
, 2021 , Frontiers in Oncology
Type: article
Salim Khakoo,
Pauline E Rettman,
Rebecca Fulton,
Leidy Bastidas Legarda,
Marta Polak,
& Christelle Retiere
, 2021 , Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer , 9 (5)
Type: article
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