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Doctor Matthew Blunt

Doctor Matthew Blunt

Senior Research Fellow

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Tel: +44 23 8120 6671

Address: Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road Shirley, SO16 6YD (View in Google Maps)


Dr Matthew Blunt is a Senior Research Fellow within the Faculty of Medicine and is Assessment Lead for MSc Genomics. His research focuses on NK cells, novel cancer immunotherapies and haematological malignancies.

Examples of published research include:

  • Identification that XPO1 inhibitors stimulate NK cell activation against lymphoma cells (Fisher et al, Frontiers in Oncology, 2021).
  • Development of a novel therapeutic to activate NK cells against cancer (Rettman P, Blunt MD et al, Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 2021).
  • Targeting the PI3K/mTOR pathway in CLL (Blunt MD et al, Blood, 2015).
  • Identification of IL-4 as a resistance mechanism to idelalisib and ibrutinib (Aguilar-Hernandez M, Blunt MD et al, Blood, 2016 *Co-first author).
  • Preclinical evaluation of the dual SYK/JAK inhibitor cerdulatinib alone and in combination with venetoclax (Blunt MD et al, Clinical Cancer Research, 2016).
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