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Centre for Research on Ageing

Research project: Age-Globe Network

Currently Active: 

The Age-Globe Network is a interdisciplinary international research network of well-established academics, early career researchers, NGOs and stakeholders engaging with one another in order to address critically important demographic issues in India, UK and Netherlands, at the intersection of two key themes: 'population, ageing and migration' and 'health and well-being'. The overarching objective is to examine ageing and well-being in a globalized world through the: Comparison of demographic scenarios on ageing in India, UK and Netherlands, and drawing implications for social policy Situation of ageing and exchange of care in the context of global migration, with a specific focus on the well-being of people 'left behind' Examination of the extent of intergenerational exchanges and the transmission of health vulnerabilities between generations, particularly in co-residential households Application of a participatory research approach for knowledge transfer, by including relevant societal stakeholders.

The Network research is located in the following work packages:

Work packages

  1. Knowledge base on ageing in India and Europe
  2. Ageing and migration: well-being of people left behind
  3. Ageing, health and intergenerational care
  4. Participatory research approach in healthy ageing

The Network uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches and data to investigate ageing and well-being in a globalised world through the comparison of the situation of older people living in India, UK and Netherlands. The activities of the Network are wide ranging, including the organisation of international workshops on thematic areas, conference research presentations, research seminars, journal articles, briefing papers, and capacity building workshops such as the on the workshop on ‘Use of mixed methods in ageing research’ in Hyderabad 2-6 June 2015, which was attended by over 50 Indian early career researchers.


University of Groningen
University of Groningen
University of Southampton Social Sciences
University of Southampton
Centre for development studies
Centre for Development Studies










The Age-Globe research Network comprises of research teams from the Population Research Centre, University of Groningen, The Netherlands; the Population Research Centre, Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, India; the Centre for Research on Ageing and ESRC Centre for Population Change, University of Southampton, United Kingdom; and the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, India.

Lead Academics

Lead: Dr. Ajay Bailey

In collaboration Prof Inge Hutter

Lead: Prof. K. S. James

Lead: Prof Maria Evandrou

Lead: Prof. S. Irudaya Rajan


First Network Meeting: Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum, 10-12 January 2013, “Ageing and well-being in a globalizing world”

  1. Work package 1: Knowledge base on Ageing (Maria Evandrou, K. S. James, Lekha Subaiya and Aravinda Guntupalli)
  2. Work package 2: Migration and Ageing (Irudaya S. Rajan, Ajay Bailey and Athina Vlachantoni)
  3. Work package 3: Ageing, health and intergenerational care (Sabu Padmadas, U.S. Mishra, Hinke Haisma and T.S. Syamala)
  4. Cross-cutting work packages: (Inge Hutter for participatory approach; Jane Falkingham on policy)
  5. Discussion on the management of the network and budget issues (Inge Hutter, K. S. James, S. Irudaya Rajan, Maria Evandrou and Ajay Bailey)

Second Network Meeting: Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Den Haag, 28 February 2014, “Ageing in a Globalizing World Age”

  1. Theme 1: Living arrangements of older adults
  2. Theme 2: Health, out of pocket expenditure and NCD burden among older adults
  3. Theme 3: Care giving, receiving and migration
  4. Theme 4: Social security

Third Network Meeting: The Carlton Hotel, 28-30 June 2015, “Ageing, Health and Social Care in India and Europe”

  1. Living Arrangement Concordance and wellbeing of older persons in India (T.S. Syamala and Ajay Bailey)
  2. Characteristic features of Accommodation of Elderly in Indian Households (U.S. Mishra and Sanchita Mukherjee)
  3. Emerging Living Arrangements of Elderly in India: Patterns and Welfare Implications (K.S. James and Sanjay Kumar)
  4. Midway between Manchester and Mumbai: the living arrangements of older Indians living in the UK (Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., Feng, Z., James, K. S. and Vlachantoni, A.)
  5. Ethnic inequalities in health in later life revisited (Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., Feng, Z., James, K. S. and Vlachantoni, A.)
  6. Ethnic differentials in health: the additional effect of ethnic density (Feng, Z., Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., James, K. S. and Vlachantoni, A.)
  7. Two decades on: the continuing health disadvantage of South Asian elders (Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., Feng, Z., James, K. S. and Vlachantoni, A.)
  8. Health status and Health Care Management among Elderly with Migrant Children in Urban India (Jyoti S. Hallad, Ajay Bailey and K. S. James)
  9. All my children responsibilities are over!: life course obligations and life satisfaction among older adults with migrant children in India (Ajay Bailey, Jyoti Hallad and K.S. James)
  10. Interpreting the landscape of care for older men in Delhi and Kolkata: Perspective from care receivers and care providers (Selim Jehangir, Anindita Datta and Ajay Bailey)
  11. Is the phenomenon of care reversal and self care happening in India (Aravinda Guntupalli and Saseendran Pallikadavath)
  12. Older women in India: An exploration of the transition to widowhood (Lekha Subaiya)
  13. Elderly: Does Count or Characteristics Matter? (U.S. Mishra and Atish Kumar Dash)
  14. Disability Free Life Expectancy Among the Elderly (Irudaya S. Rajan and Anjana Anish)
  15. A South Indian disadvantage? Differences in occupational pension membership in the UK (Vlachantoni, A., Feng, Z., Evandrou, M. and Falkingham, J.)
  16. Extending the network India (Siva Raju-TISS and Sanjay Kumar-UNFPA)
  17. Extending the network Europe (Fanny Janssen)


Prof. K. S. James, Professor and Head of the Centre

Dr. T. S. Syamala, Associate Professor Demography

Dr. Dhananjay W. Bansod, Assistant Professor Demography

Prof. S Irudaya Rajan, Chair Professor, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Research Unit on International Migration

Dr. U. S. Mishra, Associate Professor Demography

Prof. Inge Hutter, Professor of Demography

Dr Ajay Bailey, Post-doctoral researcher Migration and Culture

Dr. Meredith Tavener, Post-doctoral researcher Social Gerontology

Dr. Hinke Haisma, Rosalind Franklin fellow-Assistant Professor nutrition and epidemiology.

Prof. Maria Evandrou, Professor of Gerontology, Director of the Centre for Research on Ageing and Co-Director, ESRC Centre for Population Change

Dr Vicky Hosegood, Professor of Demography

Dr Sabu Padmadas, Professor of Demography

 Dr. Athina Vlachantoni, Associate Professor in Gerontology

Dr Aravinda Guntupalli, Senior Lecturer in Public Health (Open University)

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