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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

What Our Students Think

Our research reputation and flexible courses, combined with the University's excellent facilities, create an attractive package.

We are proud of our working relationship with our students and continue to improve the learning experience we offer, encouraging feedback from students to help us meet their needs.

Here students talk about their experience of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton and the opportunities it has created.

Photo of Sadie Belsey

My course is extremely interesting, and a big part of this is due to the quality of the lecturers. It's easy to tell how enthusiastic they are about their subject, and it really helps me engage with the material.

Sadie Belsey - MMath Mathematics
Photo of Adam Booker

I left a job as a research scientist to embark on the MSc, as Operational Research appealed to me as the perfect way to combine mathematics and creative problem solving in a less isolated environment, with exciting prospects.

Adam Booker - MSc Operational Research
Photo of Laura Boyle

The University has plenty of schemes such as the Graduate Passport Scheme, careers fairs and practice interview sessions, so do take advantage of them.

Laura Boyle - BSc Mathematics
Photo of Wayne Burby

Employers really value Operational Research because it’s hard, it’s analytical and if you mention you studied it you become really sought after.

Wayne Burby - MSc Operational Research and Finance
Photo of Jonny Cooper

In winning the 2018 OR Impact Award, I feel incredibly proud of my work. It also shows the emphasis the University of Southampton put on the effect and impact OR has on the real world, and their drive for staying at the forefront of the area.

Jonny Cooper - MSc Operational Research 2016
Photo of Ria Dunn

It's great to know that the people teaching you are doing current research, and so you’re learning new concepts

Ria Dunn - Mmath Mathematics
Photo of Anna Fry

Maths isn't just sums and algebra, it's like a whole language that can be learned and once you can speak it, anything is possible.

Anna Fry - BSc Mathematics with French
Photo of Harry Garnish

I can now very easily relate real world problems to mathematical models and know how to solve things in a mathematical way.

Harry Garnish - MSc Operational Research
Photo of Shahab Hashemi

I’ve enjoyed the range of modules you could do. In third year we were allowed to choose from a wide range of topics; whatever you were interested in, and for me I thought that was one of the best parts. I could go and pick the modules I really wanted to do.

Shahab Hashemi - BSc Mathematics with Economics
Photo of Oliver Jackson

While studying Maths at Southampton I have really enjoyed the variety of modules that I have been able to choose from, including pure mathematics, applied modules and statistics.

Oliver Jackson - BSc Mathematics
Photo of Joe Jackson

I have nothing but good things to say about my time spent with the societies and at the University in general.

Joe Jackson - BSc Mathematics with Statistics
Photo of Alex Johnson

The maths staff have all contributed greatly to making me enjoy my time here as much as I have.

Alex Johnson - PgDip/MSc Operational Research and Finance,
Photo of Jamie Kimber

I am very grateful for all the opportunities that studying Mathematics at Southampton has given me.

Jamie Kimber - BSc Mathematics with Finance
Photo of Moyo Lawal

I would advise anyone looking for a university to come to Southampton University; great set of friends, great people, lovely community and it's really wonderful.

Moyo Lawal - BSc Maths with Computer Science
Photo of Michael Lockett

The course provided me with a lot of opportunities and gave me examples to demonstrate each of the tick boxes alongside job applications including team working and independent thinking which made it a really useful degree in that aspect as well.

Michael Lockett - MSc Operational Research
Photo of Junyu Luan

The wide variety of modules allowed me to choose exactly what I was interested in. The job prospects for maths graduates from Southampton are great, and I have had many successful applications for a wide variety of jobs.

Junyu Luan - BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science
Photo of Claire Mack

Southampton is one of the few universities I was considering that offers this combination along with a year abroad in a Spanish speaking country.

Claire Mack - BSc Mathematics with Spanish
Photo of Neil Martin

I was very comfortable with Southampton having undertaken my undergraduate degree there and the reputation for Operational Research at Southampton was again excellent. The course covered a variety of topics and benefited from good industrial links, making the studies relevant.

Neil Martin - MSc Operational Research
Photo of Tapiwa Maswera

The university has done a commendable job in introducing modules that allow students to tailor their own needs. This enhances their wider skills making them much more important graduates on completion of their studies.

Tapiwa Maswera - BSc Maths with Actuarial Science,
Photo of Lindsay Nicol

The fact that Southampton helps their students to find placements and internships allows them to stand out from other university graduates who aren’t given this support.

Lindsay Nicol - BSc Mathematics
Photo of Don Noinenl

When it comes to innovation, having a mathematical background has allowed me to solve problems more efficiently

Don Noinenl - BSc Maths with Computer Science
Photo of Rachel Purkess

The course gave a good overview of Operational Research (OR) and the summer project provided an opportunity apply the skills I had learned to a real problem. The MSc was a great stepping stone between my undergraduate degree and a graduate role in OR.

Rachel Purkess - MSc Operational Research, 2015
Photo of Nur Izzaty Rosni

I really enjoyed being with my classmates; they were good company for studying. I loved the lecturers as they were so enthusiastic in their teaching and their field of studies.

Nur Izzaty Rosni - BSc Mathematics
Photo of Andrea Sipka

I believe that to be truly innovative and make a difference in technology, one needs to understand how the system works to its core and Maths is the core of... well, everything.

Andrea Sipka - BSc Maths with Computer Science
Photo of Uttam Sobha

The diversity and abundance of clubs and societies, coupled with the vibrant student community, is what makes Southampton University one of the most sociable universities in the UK. Each and every person will find something that he or she has an interest in.

Uttam Sobha - BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science
Photo of Steven Sooboodoo

Everyone is so friendly and it’s a good atmosphere to learn in, great quality teaching and I've met a lot of close friends here so definitely an experience to remember.

Steven Sooboodoo - BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science
Photo of Sarah Stevens

I chose Southampton because it is a world-leading institution and lecturers on the course are experts in their field.

Sarah Stevens - MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine
Photo of Nicolas Stravrou

It is an honour for me to study in such a good university that has all the facilities needed in order to obtain a high quality of education.

Nicolas Stravrou - BSc Mathematics,
Photo of Amy Wallace

I particularly liked the fact that you are given the opportunity to tailor your programme of study by choosing modules that are in line with your personal strengths and career goals.

Amy Wallace - BSc Mathematics
Photo of Ruth Walton

Southampton has one of the largest research groups in the country in this area, so staying here to do a Masters and PhD seemed like an obvious choice.

Ruth Walton - PhD Mathematical Sciences (Operational Research)
Photo of Anna Watts

I chose Southampton for my PhD because it is the leading group in the country for gravitational wave astrophysics, a emerging new field at the interface between astronomy and General Relativity.

Anna Watts - PhD , Gravitational wave astrophysics
Photo of Siew Wei Ling

I enjoy the teaching here as the lecturers are fun and really supportive. Their lectures are lively and enjoyable. Besides that, I also enjoy the study environment and the facilities, particularly the library.

Siew Wei Ling - BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science
Photo of Heidi Williams

Our lectures were fun and engaging and our lecturers were always prepared to meet up and help with any issues.

Heidi Williams - BSc Mathematics
Photo of Shirley Yam

Besides the knowledge taught in the modules, I learnt more how to communicate with different people by joining different societies which built my confidence which was a valuable skill to have.

Shirley Yam - BSc Mathematics
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