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Professor Martin Feelisch MSc, PhD

Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology

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Martin is Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology within Medicine at the University of Southampton.

In biology, a finite number of regulatory modules and organising principles suffice to support life and are used by microbes, plants and mammals alike. As a Systems Biologist (with a predilection toward evolutionary thought and a knack for analytical chemistry) I am interested in unraveling the significance of nitric oxide and sulfur in its various forms for human physiology. Specifically, I aim to understand how their production and availabilities are regulated in the face of rapidly changing demands as a function of nutrient and oxygen supply, physical activity and interaction with the environment; and – above all - how this is orchestrated at the cellular, organ and whole body level.

After the study of pharmacy Martin earned his PhD in pharmacology from the Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf in 1988. He was appointed to the Personal Chair of Experimental Medicine & Integrative Biology at Southampton University in April 2012, following a number of other senior research positions in both academia and industry in the USA and Europe.

Appointments held


Research interests

Martin has a long-standing interest in analytical chemistry, cardiovascular pharmacology, nutrition and metabolism, photobiology, disease mechanisms, and the chemical biology of nitric oxide (NO), nitroxyl (HNO), and sulfur in its various forms (from hydrogen sulfide, H2S over polysulfides to sulfoxides). More recent research areas include the interconversion of nitrogen and sulfur species and related storage forms in the context of intermediary metabolism, the role of sunlight and the skin microbiome for cardiovascular health as well as mechanisms of adaptation to hypoxia and altitude.  His particular interests in the chemical interactions between reactive oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur species (ROS, RNS, RSS) related to mitochondrial function, redox signalling and redox status at the whole body level led to the development of the ‘Reactive Species Interactome’ concept and a conceptual framework now known as the ‘Redox Interactome’.

Work in Martin’s laboratory is both hypothesis- and curiosity-driven and includes basic as well as translational research projects in all of the above areas. Current development efforts in his lab focus on targeted metabolomic approaches (‘redox metabolomics’) to disentangle the mechanisms of redox regulation in health and disease. A particular effort focusses on defining its role in the NIHR Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration paradigm and the use of exercise as a medicine in cancer, metabolic and respiratory diseases.

Research group

Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Affiliate research group

Institute for Life Sciences

Analytical Services
  • 2012-present     Nitric oxide/oxidative stress ‘biomarkers’
  • 2015-present     Adaptive Redox Metabolomic Phenotyping
  • 2017-present     Deputy Analytical Lead, Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research (SCBR)
  • 2018-2020          Interim Director, SCBR Mass Spectrometry Unit for Lipidomic & Metabolomic Analyses
Postgraduate Supervision
  • Supervision of 6 MMedSc, 4 BMedSc, 2 MD, and 11 PhD students (Germany, USA, UK)
  • Current supervision of 2 PhD students.
External Assessor/Examiner/Promotor/Opponent
  • 2002 Neesha Suvarna (University of Tennessee)
  • 2007 Eliza Tsou (University of Buffalo)
  • 2008 Sarah Fox (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2008 Megan Mowbray (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2012 Rasmus Aamand Olesen (Aarhus University)
  • 2014 Johanna van Langen (Antwerp University)
  • 2015 Anne-Roos S Frenay (University of Groningen) 
  • 2017 Ammar W Ashor (Newcastle University)
  • 2017 Anne Koning (Groningen University)
  • 2020 Luc Thomes (University of Strasbourg)


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Book Chapters




1990 Fritz-Külz-Prize (German Society for Exp & Clin Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Meeting Organisation

  • 1992-present Organization, co-organisation and member of Scientific Advisory Boards of >10 international scientific meetings and workshops (30-650 participants)
  • 2011 Chair Gordon Research Conference on Nitric Oxide

Editorial Board Membership

  • 1993-97  Endothelium
  • 1995-present  Nitric Oxide Chemistry and Biology
  • 2005-09  British Journal of Pharmacology
  • 2015-present  Pharmacological Research
  • 2019-present Antioxidants

Advisor Activity

  • 1995 Co-Founder and Director of the "Nitric Oxide Society"
  • 1998-02 Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Vasopharm Biotech GmbH
  • 2003-07 Member, Scientific Advisory Board, NitroMed, Inc.
  • 2011-present Member, Xtreme Everest Scientific Strategy Group
  • 2014-present Member, Scientific Advisory Board, AOBiome
  • 2016-present Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Clinical Sensors
  • 2016-present Member, Scientific Advisory Board, RelaxSol 


  • 1990-present ad hoc reviewer for >20 scientific journals
  • 1999-present Reviewer for national and international grant funding bodies
     (incl NIH, Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, BHF, The Royal Society, SFI, DFG, and FWF)
  • 2009 External Peer Review and Member of Site-Visit Team, Trinity College School of Pharmacy, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2013-present Member, NIHR Wellcome Trust Early Phase Safety Committee
  • 2017 Quality Assessment of Research Programs (Peer Review Committee Chair), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2019-present Personal Academic Tutor for several medical students
Professor Martin Feelisch
CES Academic unit
Level F, South Block, MP810
University of Southampton
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Road
Southampton SO166YD

Room Number : SGH/LF80/MP810

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