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Doctor Fay Chinnery

Dr Fay Chinnery

Research Fellow (Health Tech Assmt&Mod)

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Address: University Of Southampton Science Park, Enterprise Road, Chilworth, SO16 7NS


16 publications
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Sharon Barrans,
Cathy Burton,
Katy Mercer,
Joshua Caddy,
Fay Chinnery,
Laura Day,
Diana Fernando,
Kirit Ardeshna,
Graham Collins,
John Radford,
Simon Rule,
Andrew Mcmillan,
Peter Johnson,
, 2022 , F1000 Research , 9
Type: article
Susanne Renz,
Fay Chinnery,
Beth Stuart,
Laura Day,
Irene Soulsby,
Jacqui Nuttall,
Karen Thomas,
Kim Suzanne Thomas,
Matthew J Ridd,
Zina Eminton,
Alison M Layton,
, 2021 , BMJ Open , 11 (8)
Type: article
Christopher Mansbridge,
Peter Simmonds,
Nicholas Murray,
Fay Chinnery,
Caroline Archer,
Peter Barrett-Lee,
Tamas Hickish,
, 2020 , F1000 Research
Type: article
Fay Chinnery,
Kelly M. Dunham,
Barbara van der Linden,
Matthew Westmore,
& Evelyn Whitlock
, 2018 , The Lancet , 391 (10123) , 836--837
Type: article
Fay Chinnery,
Gemma Bashevoy,
Lisa Douet,
Sarah Puddicombe,
& James Raftery
, 2018 , Trials , 19 (1)
Type: article
Sheila Turner,
Abby Bull,
Fay Chinnery,
Jeremy Hinks,
Nicola McArdle,
Rebecca Moran,
Helen Payne,
Eleanor Woodford Guegan,
Louise Worswick,
, 2018 , BMJ Open , 8 (12)
Type: article
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