Doctor Herman Wijnen

Dr Herman Wijnen

 Drs, PhD, FHEA
Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Control of Daily Rhythms by Circadian Clocks and the Environment
  • Genetics, Behaviour and Neuroscience of the fruit fly Drosophila
  • Chronophysiology of Invertebrates in Association with Global Environmental Change and Food Security

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


In his capacity as Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Dr Herman Wijnen oversees research in Biological Timing with a focus on the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying daily rhythms in animal behaviour and physiology. His research group is part of Research Themes in Neuroscience, Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Plants and Food Security, Computational and Systems Biology as well as the Institute for Life Sciences. The Wijnen Lab uses invertebrate research models to study signaling pathways underlying processes such as the sleep/wake cycle, feeding and oviposition.

Herman also serves as a member of the management board of the South Coast Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership and he is the Academic Lead for the Invertebrate Research facility. He contributes to Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching as module coordinator, lecturer, academic tutor, examiner and project supervisor. Herman has external roles as member of the Pool of Experts for BBSRC and as journal editor.