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Centre for Marketing Research

About our research

Our research is evidence-based and contributes to business theory, practice, and public policy.

Based in the Department of Digital and Data Driven Marketing, we work at the intersection of marketing and digital technology to solve real-life marketing management challenges.

The centre aims to:  

  • give businesses research insights that help them solve marketing management challenges while creating positive and sustainable impacts on society 
  • attract and retain high-calibre academics whose research helps businesses and strengthens our curriculum 
  • attract and retain high-calibre academics who conduct world-class research that helps businesses and pushes the boundaries of knowledge which in turn underpins our curriculum 
  • to sustain and further develop our postgraduate research credentials by attracting, training and working with students that leads to ground breaking research in the field of marketing. 

Our research interests include:  

  • Consumer Behaviour and Psychology 
  • Digital and Big Data Analytics 
  • Retail Strategy, Sensory Marketing 
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications 
  • International and Cross-cultural Marketing 
  • Services Marketing, Sharing-based services 
  • Luxury Branding, Brand Management 
  • Marketing (services, cause-related and international) 

Our members' research can be found in top tier academic journals including: 

  • Journal of Retailing 
  • Tourism Management 
  • Harvard Business Review (Online) 
  • European Journal of Marketing 
  • Journal of Business Ethics 
  • Psychology and Marketing 
  • Industrial Marketing Management 

Our members also publish in popular outlets such as Admap, The Conversation, Adweek, and are frequently sought for commentary in the media on current marketing issues including the BBC, the Guardian, the Times, and as speakers at international academic and industry conferences. 

We supervise several PhD students, equipping them with latest methodological training and other skills to develop as well-rounded academics.  

    Engaging the Gamers

    Dr Paurav Shukla from Southampton Business School's Centre for Marketing Research explores 'what motivates gamers to purchase virtual goods?'

    Why your pedastal merchandise display is "paying off"

    Please note: This video was recorded during Covid-19 lockdown.
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