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Katie Lampshire BSc Education

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Hi, I'm Katie Lampshire and I am studying PGCE Primary after graduating from BSc Education.

The lecturers are not only passionate but at the top of their field. My undergraduate degree has enabled me to focus my career aspirations into primary education. I can confidently say that I am leaving with a high level of independence, both academically and socially.

Why did you choose to come and study at Southampton?

After my A-Level studies, I decided to have a gap year to travel and to ensure that the university I chose was right for me. After receiving five offers from Russel Group universities I chose to study at the University of Southampton.

I was influenced by impressive national and universal rankings. The BSc Education programme is one of the very best in the country. The University of Southampton is a member of the Russell Group, so I was mindful of their commitment to intensive research in the field of Education.

What were you anxious about before coming to Southampton?

I am a creature of habit and the fear of the unknown was slightly unsettling. I was concerned that I would struggle with the level of study and the amount of independent work that was expected from me.

Once at Southampton, how were your fears overcome?

The University of Southampton went above and beyond to ensure that I settled into university life as smoothly as possible. Upon arrival at my halls, my parents and I were greeted by second-year students, who helped me move into my room.

I was allocated a personal academic tutor, who was my first point of contact in times of academic and personal concerns. Every student on the BSc Education programme is also allocated a ‘buddy’; an older student who offers informal advice and guidance.

What is it like studying here?

There is a sense of community within the School of Education, with regular opportunities for year groups to interact through social events. 

As a research-intensive University, my lecturers and professors are not only passionate but at the top of their field.

How do you rate study facilities at the University?

The Hartley Library has an extensive array of printed books, journals and online resources. It has five floors, making it one of the largest in Southern England. As well as for independent study, many students complete group work in the designated study rooms that can be booked in advanced. I found these particularly useful in my third year.

What have been your Southampton ‘highlights’ (best experiences) so far?

My BSc Education degree has provided the opportunity to gain a diverse range of experiences working with children: from early years through to primary and onto post-sixteen education. In my most recent semester, I had the opportunity to observe and interact with secondary school children who had a special educational need. Without these modules, I would not have had the chance to gain first-hand experience with children of all ages. By doing so, my degree has allowed me to focus my career aspirations into primary education.

How has your time at Southampton helped you to grow as a person?

Reflecting on my time at Southampton, I can confidently say that I am leaving with a high level of independence, both academically and socially. As a result of level of freedom that is associated with university life, I believe that I have developed my time-management skills, by having to balance academic commitments with my personal life.

Upon entering university, I lacked confidence in my academic ability and failed to work well under pressure. Without the guidance and support from my lecturers and professors, I may not have reached my full potential. I am closing in on my days as an undergraduate student and thankful for Southampton for helping me to grow as a person. I believe I am ready to leave higher education as a confident, well-educated individual, with a sense of purpose and determination to tackle whatever the future may hold.
Did you/do you stay in University accommodation?

The university has a wide array of accommodation options, that attempts to cater to the individual. In my first year at Southampton, I lived in chamberlain halls, which were brand new the year I moved in. Each flat had a large shared kitchen and every room had an en-suite. The halls featured a shared study which was ideal for group learning. In the evenings, the common rooms were a popular destination for many students as they featured two large-screen plasma televisions!

What is the city of Southampton like to live in?

As my family home is in the countryside, I knew I wanted to study at a university within walking distance of green space. In the summer many students venture to the open space to socialise with their friends.

The versatility of the nightlife in Southampton ensures that every student can find somewhere to socialise that suits them. The bars and clubs are distributed around the city, some a walking distance from the University whilst others are a short taxi ride into the centre. I have made some amazing memories.

It’s a short bus journey into the city centre where you can find a wide array of shops, including Westquay shopping centre. The University of Southampton has a partnership with Unilink Buses, which run throughout the city. In your first year at Southampton, every student is provided with a free bus pass. I found this particularly useful as it encouraged me to explore the city as much as possible. Also, in my first year, I worked in Westquay resulting in the bus pass saving me some money to and from work.

What are you intending to do once you have graduated?

After the completion of my BSc Education degree, I intend to study on the PGCE primary course here at Southampton. Following this, I will be qualified to fulfil my aspiration of being a primary school teacher.

During my undergraduate degree, I was exposed to numerous opportunities to teach abroad through career talks and lectures. As a result of this, working overseas has become of personal interest.

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