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Geography and Environmental Science

Camilla Pierleoni BA Geography2014

Camilla Pierleoni's Photo

Hi, I'm Camilla Pierleoni and I studied BA Geography within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

I had the chance to be heavily involved in societies of all sorts. I played in both the tennis and volleyball teams, and was a committee member for the Italian Society as well as Enactus Southampton.

Q: Why did you choose to undertake your studies in Geography at the University of Southampton?

I was drawn to the idea of gaining invaluable knowledge by some of the most renowned geography researchers in the UK and worldwide. Southampton constantly features in the league tables as one of the best universities for Geography. This is reflected in the vast range of eye-opening and innovative modules offered, particularly in years two and three. The department’s strong emphasis on fieldwork, both in the UK and abroad, also appealed to me. On top of the department’s reputation, I was generally pleased with the University’s atmosphere: the campus feel, its sports facilities and its proximity to the city centre all confirmed that this was where I wanted to study for my undergraduate degree.   

Q: What do you enjoy about studying Geography at Southampton?

There was a great mix of modules, ranging from Economic Geography to Geographic Information Systems. I liked the fact that I could still take some BSc modules, despite being part of the BA pathway. I also enjoyed how not all modules had the standard type of assessment, such as exams and essays; some offered group work, modelling, or even pitching proposals to large organisations for malaria eradication.  I also felt that the second year field trip to Amsterdam thoroughly prepared us for our dissertation, as we were given the opportunity to practice research methods such as interviews.

Q: What have you been able to achieve as a result of studying at the University of Southampton?

Aside from gaining knowledge in my degree, I had the chance to be heavily involved in societies of all sorts. I played in both the tennis and volleyball teams, and was a committee member for the Italian Society and Enactus Southampton. The latter is a university supported initiative aimed at developing social enterprise projects for individuals and communities in need. I was the sanitary towels team leader within SanEco, which seeks to improve sanitation in Kenya. I had the chance to go to the 2013 Enactus Nationals in London, where Enactus Southampton won and went on to represent the UK at the World Cup, achieving 2nd place!  Thanks to my involvement in all of these societies, I have made great friends and will forever cherish the memories.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

This upcoming September, I will begin my MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Thanks to some of the modules I chose within Geography, I was introduced to this sector in greater depth, which only further cultivated my passion and convinced me to enrol in such a specific masters degree.  After my masters, I hope to join a top maritime logistics company. 

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