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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
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Professor Rachael James PhD

Professor of Geochemistry

Professor Rachael James's photo

Professor Rachael James is Professor of Geochemistry within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

October 2013: Reader in Marine Geochemistry, Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton

2008-2013: Principal Geochemist, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

2005-2008: Senior Lecturer in Oceanography, The Open University

1999-2000: Research Fellow, The Natural History Museum, London

1996-1999: NERC/BRIDGE Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Bristol

1992-1995: PhD, University of Cambridge

Research interests

My research focuses on the development and application of chemical and isotopic techniques to improve our understanding of earth and planetary processes- both now and in the past. Examples include the use of stable and radiogenic isotopes to explore the links between weathering, ocean chemistry and climate change, and assessing the utility of Cr isotopes as a tracer of ocean oxygenation. I am also working on methodologies to monitor and assess the impact of potential leakage from sub-seafloor CO2 storage sites, as well as the effects of Arctic warming on the stability of sub-seafloor methane hydrate. I am involved in a wide range of shipboard sampling programmes, including ocean drilling and submersible studies of hydrothermal systems.

Research Projects:

I am also working on ECO2 and QICS:

Research group


Affiliate research group

Marine Biogeochemistry

Research project(s)

STEMM-CCS – Strategies for the Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage

Hydrothermal Vent Geochemistry South of the Antarctic Polar Front

Iron Isotopes in seawater samples

Fluid flow associated with the Alpine Fault, South Island, New Zealand

Methane Seepage from the Arctic Seafloor

Mountains Metamorphism and Element Mobility

Rare earth elements as geochemical tracers of hydrothermal processes in the Southern Ocean

Resolving past changes in ocean oxygenation

ECO2 sub-seabed CO2 Storage: analysis of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Data

Quantifying and Monitoring Potential Ecosystem Impacts of Geological Carbon Storage (QICS)


Biogeochemical cycling of iron and chromium in the oceans: Insights from stable isotopes

GGREW - Greenhouse Gas Removal by Enhanced Weathering

UK representative for EU COST Action
PERGAMON ('Permafrost and gas hydrate monitoring of methane release')

NERC Ionmicroprobe Facility Steering Committee

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Professor Rachael James
Ocean and Earth Science
National Oceanography Centre Southampton
University of Southampton Waterfront Campus
European Way
Southampton SO14 3ZH

Room Number: NOCS/566/19

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