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Exchange opportunities

Studying in another country can enhance your future employment prospects.

Some of our courses include a year at an overseas university. Credits gained will count towards your degree result.

MSci degrees 'with study abroad'

Here, you will spend time at a leading overseas university, generally in the United States. To help you get the most from this experience, you will take an additional module in the preceding summer.

For a further international dimension, we can also offer an MSci in Oceanography with French. Although you will usually need to have A level French, we'll make sure that your language skills are up to scratch. Your third year is spent entirely in France, currently Bordeaux.

Study visits

If you are on a degree programme (BSc or MSci) that is entirely UK-based, it may still be possible to study abroad by arranging your own year out at a recognised university. Your degree transcript will acknowledge this, although credits gained will not count towards your degree result.

Study visits can be arranged through our exchange programme. We have links with a number of relevant universities and can provide language preparation before you go. Although the overseas section of the programme is taught in English, there will still be plenty of opportunities to improve your language skills.

Studying abroad can give you valuable experience of living and working in a different country, helping you to develop independence, confidence and self-assurance.

It is best to express your interest in our exchange programme as early as possible so that you can plan your exchange placement. This will give you time to prepare the practicalities of your time abroad, to consider which courses you should take and to ensure that adequate language training can be arranged where required prior to your placement.

You should discuss your plans with your Tutor and the School's Exchange Programme Coordinator.

Photo of Zachary Mazlan
Two of my greatest passions have always been the sea and travel. The Masters of Oceanography program with a year abroad has given me the opportunity to pursue both of these interests while studying at some of the most renowned research institutions in the world.
Zachary MazlanMSci Oceanography with study abroad
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