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Professor m.c.  Schraefel

Professor m.c. Schraefel

 phd, cscs, ceng, fbcs

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Address: B32, East Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ


Motivating Research Questions: How Do We Feel? How design to feel/be/perform better, longer?

How can we design interactive systems to help #makeNormalBetter, for all, @scale

That is a driving question in my research. 

The question of how technologies can help in these contexts, perhaps especially for both cash and time poor citizens, is deeply troubling and complex - there is not an app for that.  So what is our role in this conversation as computer science innovators? 

The approach i'm building is called "inbodied interaction" - aligning our interactive systems/technologies with how we function optimally as phyiso-neuro-chemical-omic systems - to support enabling our ability to achieve our aspirations.

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