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Professor Ian Galea

Professor Ian Galea

Prof (Clinical & Experimental Neurology)

Research interests

  • Brain haemorrhage: pathophysiology
  • Blood-brain barrier and immune-brain signalling
  • Neuroimmunology

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Ian Galea is a Professor of Clinical and Experimental Neurology, within Medicine at the University of Southampton. He leads the Southampton Clinical and Experimental Neurology Team (SCENT), a multidisciplinary group of investigators studying inflammatory and haemorrhagic brain conditions. The team has laboratory expertise in cell culture, immunochemistry, molecular techniques and preclinical models, and clinical translational expertise in clinical assessment, diagnostic assays and neuroimaging. Bench-to-bedside science is translated to patient benefit.

His research concerns the brain’s immune system, and its response to infections, inflammation and haemorrhage, with implications for diseases such as multiple sclerosis and subarachnoid haemorrhage. As a clinician scientist he works across clinical and laboratory areas. He is a consultant neurologist with a specialist interest in neuroinflammatory disease. In his early scientific career, he studied cerebral perivascular macrophages at the blood-brain barrier and described a novel pathway of CD8 T cell entry into the brain. This formed the basis for his post-doctoral work, during which he studied the haemoglobin-scavenging system in the brain after subarachnoid haemorrhage and CD8 T cell-mediated brain disease. He was appointed to his current post in 2013.