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Innate Immunity

Coloured microscope image of virus

The Innate Immunity research group conducts interdisciplinary research in the role of innate immune cells in human health and disease.

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Our investigators are co-located on level E of the South Academic Block at University Hospital Southampton. The group has numerous collaborative projects, and diverse expertise including lymphocyte subsets such as Natural Killer and CD1-responsive T cells, macrophage and fibroblast biology, proteases and bioinformatic/multiomic approaches. Experimental approaches include analysis of patient-derived tissue, advanced cellular modelling, in vivo models and translational studies spanning a range of diseases, including infection, inflammation, wound healing, cancer, metabolic and lung disease.   

People, projects and publications


Miss Grace Bartlett PhD

Senior Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Patient-derived immunotherapeutics
  • Immunopathogenic and inflammatory disease
  • Host immune system-microbiome/tumour microenvironment interactions
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Dr Liku Tezera BM, MSc , PhD

Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Matthew Blunt PhD

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Michaela Reichmann

Associate Professor Respiratory Medicine

Research interests

  • Integrating bioinformatics and advanced cell culture to understand TB immunopathology and find new host-directed therapeutic targets to treat tuberculosis.

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Professor Paul Elkington

Director of Inst. for Medical Innovation

Research interests

  • tuberculosis
  • immunopathology
  • diagnosis

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Dr Salah Mansour PhD

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Unconventioanl T cells in health and disease 
  • CD1 group 1 restricted T cell immunity  
  • Structural and molecular mechainsms of CD1 lipid antigen presentation 

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Professor Salim Khakoo

Professor of Hepatology
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Dr Sylvia Pender

Associate Professor
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Professor Tilman Sanchez-Elsner

Professor of Molecular Medicine

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