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The University of Southampton

What Our Students Think

Photo of Laura Brock

Working with patients was obviously a chance to apply learning and practice skills, and supervision was helpful with this. Being able to listen to a patient’s (guest speaker) experience first-hand and ask questions was interesting and helped increase understanding.

Laura Brock - PG Diploma in CBT for Depression and Anxiety
Photo of Gabi Cook

I also really enjoyed is the ‘hands on’ learning approach and being able to learn from other students on the course. This included ‘role play’, experiential exercises such as simulating panic symptoms via hyperventilating as well as experiencing therapy from the client’s point of view, which helped me gain a better understanding of the different interpersonal skills and processes and how these can impact on the therapeutic relationship and progress.

Gabi Cook - PG Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and Depression (IAPT)
Photo of Johnny Dickins

For someone who has always had an interest in the research process, the great emphasis placed on this within the department at Southampton was a real draw for me.

Johnny Dickins - BSc Psychology 2012, MSc Research Methods
Photo of Juan Mertel Morillo

Most of my highlights were based on role-play exercises such as walking through the campus with my hands covered in jam pretending I had OCD, to understand how it felt.

Juan Mertel Morillo - Postgraduate Diploma CBT for Anxiety and Depression
Photo of Beth Parsons

The outstanding facilities and resources are easily accessible for the students and the highly qualified teaching staff are incredibly encouraging.

Beth Parsons - BSc Psychology and MSc Research Methods in Psychology
Photo of Charlotte Winfield

Due to the skills and framework of the course, I’m in a really good position to be able to help others and I now have the confidence to move forward and make a difference.

Charlotte Winfield - Postgraduate Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Photo of Aimee Woodger

I enjoyed the content of the teaching, it always kept my attention and the lecturer’s style made the course more engaging.

Aimee Woodger - Postgraduate Diploma CBT for Anxiety and Depression (IAPT)
Photo of Marianna Zacharia

If you are passionate about psychology and you are willing to work hard, then the University of Southampton is undoubtedly the best choice you can make!

Marianna Zacharia - BSc Psychology
Photo of Sabina Zavoianu-Dutescu

The degree course was great because it encouraged us to think for ourselves and exposed us to lots of aspects of psychology to help us identify our interests.

Sabina Zavoianu-Dutescu - BSc Psychology
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