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The University of Southampton

Marianna Zacharia BSc Psychology, 2013

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Marianna Zacharia's Photo

Hi, I'm Marianna Zacharia and I studied BSc Psychology at the University of Southampton.

If you are passionate about psychology and you are willing to work hard, then the University of Southampton is undoubtedly the best choice you can make!


Q: Why did you choose to undertake your studies in Psychology at the University of Southampton?
Psychology has always been a source of inspiration for me. It captivated me immensely. I have always wanted to work in a profession that helps people in need and to identify the appropriate therapies and methodologies for people with mental illnesses in order to ameliorate their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, which to me, are the three cornerstones of mental wellness. My passion to acquire a deeper understanding of human behaviour, observe and discover, as well as to research beyond the evident, has driven me in choosing to undertake a BSc in Psychology.

I chose to study at Southampton University because Psychology at Southampton is consistently ranked among the top 10 in the UK. In addition, I was confident that the University of Southampton was the best environment for me to receive the intensive teaching, which is essential to glean the professional skills that my future patients deserve. That is because some of the top psychology researchers and chartered clinical psychologists in the UK are lecturing at Southampton University. Moving away from my home country, Cyprus was a big change for me. Therefore, I wanted to make this change worthwhile. The University of Southampton appeared as the best place for me to broaden my knowledge in the field of psychology. Looking back, I am really happy I made the decision to come to Southampton University.

Q: What do you enjoy about studying psychology at Southampton?
I enjoyed my degree course at Southampton, as in the final year we were given the opportunity to focus on the area of psychology that mostly interested us, by choosing from a variety of modules. Also, the lecturers were very knowledgeable and approachable, and always willing to help all students when being asked. The Hartley library, which is an incredible resource of information will certainly be missed, as the vast amount of hours spent studying there have not only expanded my knowledge in psychology, but have also provided me with the opportunity to meet and make friends. What I enjoyed the most was the time spent conducting my empirical project and writing my dissertation. I am grateful to my dissertation supervisor who gave me the free-will to formulate a research question of my own and conduct research on stress, rumination and depression; the domains in clinical psychology that mostly interest me.

Q: What have you been able to achieve as a result of studying at the University of Southampton?
I have graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. My undergraduate psychology degree at the University of Southampton has provided me with an excellent foundation for postgraduate studies in Clinical psychology, which I wish to pursue. I have gained a detailed knowledge and understanding of the neurobiological and genetic studies, and various psychopathology approaches, theories underlying cognitive therapies and models of depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, panic disorder and attachment disorders. Also, through the psychology course at the University of Southampton, I have matured as an individual and my critical thinking, methods of argument, scientific research skills and writing skills have improved substantially. The academic and research skills I have developed have prepared me for subsequent postgraduate studies. Therefore, I feel that my undergraduate psychology degree at the University of Southampton serves as the beginning of a fruitful career.

Q: Do you have any advice for students?
I have really enjoyed my time at Southampton. My advice for young people interested in psychology is that if you are passionate about psychology and you are willing to work hard, then the University of Southampton is undoubtedly the best choice you can make! You will definitely be rewarded for your hard work and you will graduate from a well-respected University.

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