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Web Science Institute

Our students

Human-Centred AI Doctoral Students come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and carry out research in a range of fields related to AI and the impact on the future of our society.

Their training is tightly integrated with real world challenges in a broad application spectrum with strong social and economic impact.

If you would like to find out more about our students and their research, please email


Student Research Topic
Fahad Alhathal Using emerging technologies to enhance the customer experience for supermarkets in the UK
Supervisors: Dr Yuanyuan Yin (Winchester School of Art) and Dr Gary Wills (Electronics & Computer Science)
Malak Alsabban Comparing two sentiment analysis approaches by understand the hesitancy to COVID-19 vaccine based on Twitter data in two cultures
Supervisors: Professor Dame Wendy Hall (Electronics & Computer Science) and Dr Mark Weal (Electronics & Computer Science)
Areej Alzaidi Managing Health Crisis on Social Media: Studying COVID-19 Vaccine on Twitter as a Trust Issue
Supervisors: Professor Dame Wendy Hall (Electronics & Computer Science) and Professor Les Carr (Electronics & Computer Science)
Maria Brasoveanu Knowledge Disruptors and Thought Leaders
Supervisors: Professor Les Carr (Electronics & Computer Science) and Professor Jacek Brodzki (Mathematical Sciences)
Yu Cao Explanation of Machine Learning Model for Clinicians
Supervisors: Professor Dame Wendy Hall (Electronics & Computer Science), Dr Richard Giordano (Health Sciences), and Professor Adriane Chapman (Electronics & Computer Science) 
Rachel Hayward AI for the Future of Society: The intersection between gender, technology, and safety for active travel
Supervisors: Professor Dame Wendy Hall (Electronics & Computer Science) and Professor Pauline Leonard (Social Sciences)
Jianrui Kang The implications of GAN artworks for contemporary technoculture
Supervisors: Dr Seth Giddings (Winchester School of Art) and Dr Luci Eldridge (Winchester School of Art)
Kieron Owen AI in composition and culture: how automated artists impact the future of creative work
Supervisors: Dr Tom Irvine (Music) and Professor Pauline Leonard (Social Sciences)
Ashwathy Revi Automatic Summarization of Interactive Narratives as Intelligent Feedback to Assist its Authoring
Supervisors: Dr David Millard (Electronics & Computer Science) and Dr Stuart Middleton (Electronics & Computer Science)
Eryn Rigley Ethics of AI and Data Science
Supervisors: Professor Adriane Chapman (Electronics & Computer Science), Dr Christine Evers (Electronics & Computer Science) and Dr William McNeill (Philosophy)
Yadira Sanchez Benitez Digital exclusion as social harm: Co-designing digital tools with communities to support community-based algorithmic ecosystems
Supervisors: Dr Pamela Ugwudike (Social Sciences), Dr Anita Lavorgna (Social Sciences) and Dr Mark Weal (Electronics & Computer Science
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