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Funded Projects

Since 2014 we have helped fund over 45 small research projects from across the University, leading to a varied range of research collaborations and engagement with non-academic partners.

The Fund aims to stimulate and pump-prime interdisciplinary research activity across Faculties that will ultimately lead to collaborations and the development of full research grant or contracts proposals with non-academic partners.

You can find out more about these projects and the staff involved below.



data sharing

Michael Boniface

Health and Social Care Transformation accelerated through SAFE Cross-Institution Data LINKing and Governance (HST-SAFELINK


Professor Ying Cheong

Integrating AI into Digital healthcare Applications: Capturing and Utilizing Emotional Data to Create and Efficient and Supportive IVF Treatment Environment.


Nicholas Kelley

Analytical Reasoning and Fraud Susceptibility: Examining the Moderating Roles of Stress, Learning, and Expertise


Dr Anita Lavorgna

To App or Not to App? Understanding Public Resistance in Using COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing


Dr Rebecca Taylor

Technology Facilitated Remote Practice in Multi-agency Service Delivery: Domestic Abuse Support in a Post Pandemic World


Dr Rebecca Taylor

Free Labour and the Sustainability of Open Source Software in Digital Infrastructure



Dr Tracey Newman

Better Hearing Healthier Aging; Use of Machine Learning for Early Detection of Cochlear Implants Underperformance


Dr Dianna Smith

CITISCAPE: CITIzen SCience Approach to imProving the urban built Environment

social media

Dr Pamela Ugwudike

An Interdisciplinary Study of Digital Inclusion: Using Social Media Analytics to Challenge Online Epistemic Domination and Amplify Marginal Voices


social machine

Dr Tom Irvine

The Global Black Atlantic as Sonic Social Machine: Past, Present and Future


Dr Anita Lavorgna

Promotion of Harmful Alternative Cancer Treatments on Twitter: Network and Content Characteristics


Dr David Millard

An Investigation into the Ethics of Mixed Reality Games and Experiences


Dr Silke Roth

Enabling Digital Fieldwork in Third Sector Organisations through Data Protection Research Exemptions


blockchain image

Dr Tiejun Ma

Intelligence Mobile Blockchain-based Fraudulent and Risky Behaviour Prediction for Personal Financial Applications

online voting image

Dr Aastha Madaan

The Impact of Social Media on Democratic Elections and Public Votes



Dr David Baxter

Exploring the Future of Work: The Effects of Distributed Work on Social Capital and Innovation

digital marketing

Dr Vadim Grinevich

The Business-to-Business Sharing Economy: Is there a case for policy intervention?


Dr Ramine Tinati

Intervention Mechanism for Detecting Supporting of Asthma Sufferers


Professor Neil Wrigley

Enhancing Long-Term Engagement & Research Collaboration with the ‘giant of the digital economy’



Dr Sha Liu

Web Based Big Data Platform for Financial Sentiment Mining


Dr Chris Phethean

Analysing Dietary Patterns, Preferences and Knowledge using Social Media.


Dr Silke Roth

Smart Rural Areas: Communities, communication and Safe spaces in South Africa


Dr Ramine Tinati

Capacity Building to Enable Longitudinal Studies of Online Citizen Participation Systems


Dr Su White

The MOOC Observatory Dashboard: Management, Analysis and Visualisation of MOOC data



Dr Clare Hooper

Digital Police Officer: Linguistic Analysis to Identify Cybercriminals

resus image

Dr Eloise Monger

CLEAR: Comparing Learning Event and Actual Resuscitation data. A Web Observatory for resuscitation data

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