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Our Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Research Group seeks to understand the fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin basic biological processes. These include: the structures and interactions of biological molecules; the signals between and within cells; the mechanisms by which cells become specialised and respond to the environment; and understanding how cellular/molecular processes relate to health and disease.

Group Overview

The Cellular and Molecular Biosciences staff pursue a range of externally-funded projects within five broad research themes: the molecular organisation of proteins and nucleic acids; developmental biology and its influence on adult health and disease; cell signalling pathways controlling gene expression, cell growth and cell division; plant growth and environmental interactions; membrane proteins and cellular function.

We collaborate closely with researchers across the University and with investigators around the world. For example, we work with physical scientists and engineers to investigate biomolecules as substrates for the production of novel materials and our joint projects with staff in Medicine aim to understand the origins of disease.

Within the School of Biological Sciences, we have a wealth of modern facilities. We are well equipped for structural (X-ray and NMR) and biophysical studies of proteins and nucleic acids and have a superb Proteomics facility which includes a range of state-of-the-art mass spectrometers. The Bioimaging Facility comprises a range of modern microscopes including confocal and multiphoton instruments, allowing the use of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy techniques.

We are housed within the new, purpose-built Life Sciences Building on the University's Highfield campus and at the Southampton General Hospital campus.

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Principal Investigators (PI)

Dr Mark Coldwell: PI Cellular and molecular biosciences
Dr Katrin Deinhardt: PI Cellular Neurobiology
Professor Malcolm East: PI Membrane proteins
Professor Keith Fox: PI Nucleic Acids
Dr Haruko Okamoto: PI Plant Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry
Dr Marcin Przewloka: PI Chromosome Biology
Dr Paul Skipp: PI Proteomics
Dr Ivo Tews: PI Protein interactions & cell membranes
Dr Jeremy Webb: PI Microbial biofilms
Dr Joern Werner: PI Protein-ligand interactions
Dr Herman Wijnen Associate Professor: PI Biological timing
Dr Phil Williamson: PI Structural biology and biological membranes
Dr Lorraine Williams: PI Membrane transporters

Postgraduate opportunities

If you are interested in joining us either to study or to become part of our research team please select the relevant link below for further information.

Funded PhD Opportunities

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Research Staff

Staff MemberPrimary Position
Shidqiyyah Abdul HamidPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Muhammad AkhtarEmeritus Professor
Fuad M M AlzahraniPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Chris AnthonyEmeritus Professor
Emelia Arezo AssarPostgraduate Research Student in Molecular and Cellular Sciences
Bhavik BarochiaPostgraduate Research Student in Medical Microbiology
Mary BetonPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Dominic BurgResearch Fellow
Yuming CaiPostgraduate Research Student in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Alison CaldwellPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Iytzia Castaneda-DavalosPostgraduate Researcher in Molecular and Cellular Sciences
Charlotte CollierPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Joanne CowanBBSRC Research Fellow in Molecular Cell Biology
Jack William CraddockPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Max CrispinProfessor of Glycobiology
Alicja DabrowskaResearch Technician
Daniella di MascioPostgraduate Research Student in DNA–small molecule interactions
Adam DoreyPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
James A EdwardsPostgraduate Research Student - Detection of Modified Cytosine Residues in DNA
Salah EliasLecturer in Epithelial Cell Biology
Luke S EvansPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Emily FeistPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Tania Garcia BecerraPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Patricia Gonzalez IzquierdoPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Science
Steven GurrMRes Advanced Biological Science
Grace Isabella HallinanResearch Fellow in Cellular Neuroscience
Rachel HarrisMRes Advanced Biological Sciences
Kate HenbestPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Charlotte HillPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Jack HorrocksMRes Advanced Biological Science
Sarah HowardPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Alexander HullPostgraduate Research Student In Biological Sciences
Charles HurdlePostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Andrew HutchinPostgraduate Research Student in Structural Biology
Sylwia KacprzakPostgraduate Research Student in Plant Biology
Helen KnightPostgraduate Research Student in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Monika KudelskaPostgraduate Research Student in Structural Biology
Moritz MachelettPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Connor MaltbyPostgraduate Research Student in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Luis Fernando Guevara MendozaPostgraduate Research Student in Plant Molecular Biology
Halina MikolajekResearch Fellow in X-ray Crystallography and NMR
Rachel OwenPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Erika ParkinsonResearch Fellow in Proteomics
Chrysia-Maria PegasiouPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Aleksandra PiteraPostgraduate Research Student in Neuroscience
Miguel Ramírez MorenoPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Sergio Miguel Regufe da MotaResearch Fellow in Proteomics
Mark RichardsonChief Executive Officer of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre
Matthew RodriguesPostgraduate Research Student in Structural Biology
Eva Daniela Ruiz OrtegaPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
David A RuslingLecturer in Pharmacology
David RuslingResearch Fellow
Thomas A. RyanResearch Fellow
James P R SchofieldResearch Fellow in Proteomics
Thomas J SeckerResearch Fellow in infection prevention
Bethan ShawPostgraduate Research Student in Biological Sciences
Peter Shoolingin-Jordan Emeritus Professor
Ben SibbettPostgraduate Research Student in Plant Molecular Biology
Roshan SoodPostgraduate Research Student in Bioinformatics
Isabelle SumnerMRes Advanced Biological Science
Dheelan-Rai SydamahMRes Advanced Biological Science
Rahul TareLecturer
Matthew J TerryProfessor of Molecular Plant Biology
Priscila R VitolaPostgraduate Research Student in Microbiology
Katrina R WallenPostgraduate Research Student in Molecular Biology
Jeremy S WebbProfessor of Microbiology
David C WiltonEmeritus Professor
Noel WorthamResearch Fellow in Molecular Biology

    Related Projects

    Related ProjectsStatus
    Antimicrobial copper: Biocidal efficacy and killing mechanism of copper and copper alloy dry surfaces against bacterial and viral pathogensActive
    Rapid assessment of surface contamination and decontamination efficacyActive
    Biofouling control for in-situ lab-on-a-chip environmental sensorsActive
    BioliSME II: Demonstration, validation and preliminary promotion of a commercial prototype speedy system for sampling and detecting Listeria monocytogenesActive
    Calcium ATPases - role in calcium homeostasis and signallingActive
    Calcium Pump TargetingActive
    Calcium Pumps and ThermogenesisActive
    Grant - Charting Intercellular SpaceActive
    Chronophysiology of Spotted Wing DrosophilaActive
    Circadian Developmental RequirementsActive
    Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) for the decontamination of reusable surgical instrumentsActive
    Consequences of early embryo environmentActive
    Control of Drosophila circadian behaviour by the RHO1-signalling pathwayActive
    Development of endoscope decontamination proceduresActive
    Differentiation therapy and cancerActive
    Dispersal of Biofilm in Cystic Fibrosis using Low Dose Nitric OxideActive
    Dissecting pathways involved in Manganese homeostasis and stress in higher plant cellsActive
    DNA quadruplexes and their interaction with ligandsActive
    DNA sequence recognition by small moleculesActive
    DNA sequence recognition by triple helix formationActive
    Effect of folic acid supplementation during the life course on cancer susceptibilityActive
    Environmental Healthcare Unit ConsultancyActive
    Epigenetic mechanisms and the developmental origins of health and diseaseActive
    Epigenetic mechanisms in metabolic bone disease: from pathology to biomarkerActive
    Extending the boundaries of nucleic acid chemistryActive
    Generation of a screening platform for the Cys-loop superfamily of ligand gated ion channelsActive
    Genetic diversification in a multi-species bacterial biofilm communityActive
    Interactome-wide prediction of short linear protein interaction motifs in humansActive
    Identification of novel crustacean pathogen receptor proteinsActive
    Identification of perinatal epigenetic markers of later phenotypeActive
    Identifying peptide candidates for a vaccine against the contagious cancer, Devil Facial Tumour DiseaseActive
    Improving solar conversion efficiency in marine microalgaeActive
    Integrated in silico prediction of protein-protein interaction motifsActive
    Investigating the role of membranes on protein aggregation and neurotoxicity of the huntingtin protein.Active
    Label-free spectroscopy for diagnosing and monitoring ADActive
    Light regulation of amino acid uptake in marine cyanobacteriaActive
    Light regulation of chloroplast development and tetrapyrrole synthesisActive
    Maternal mechanisms induced by diet regulating embryo developmental plasticity affecting life-long healthActive
    Modifying nucleic acid nanostructures by triplex formationActive
    Modifying Uracil DNA GlycosylaseActive
    Modulation of Alzheimer's disease protein networks: Minimising neuronal toxicity while preserving synaptic plasticityActive
    Molecular mechanisms controlling heart cells proteins synthesis and cardiac hypertrophyActive
    Multi-functional environmental sensing by CRYPTOCHROME in a Drosophila modelActive
    The role of nitric oxide in the control of biofilm and zoonotic pathogen colonisation of the salad phylloplaneActive
    Development of novel methods to assess the viability and infectivity of pathogens in biofilms found in drinking water supply systems.Active
    Physiological role of sucrose and amino acid permeases in higher plantsActive
    Plastid-to-nucleus signalling in plantsActive
    Regulation of ribosome biogenesisActive
    Anionic lipids in cell signalling: a mechanism for the modulation of ABC multidrug transportersActive
    Role of membrane transporters in light-regulated seedling developmentActive
    Role of Pax-3 in sensory neurogenesisActive
    Roles of the Mnks (MAP kinase-activated protein kinases) in cell physiology Active
    SecurEau – Security and decontamination of drinking water distribution systems following a deliberate contamination event.Active
    Structural basis of the elongation factor 2 kinase (EF2K) activation by Calcium/CalmodulinActive
    Structure and Function of Membrane ProteinsActive
    Structure, function and regulation of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase (eEF2K)Active
    Structure, function and regulation of eukaryotic initiation factor eIF2B Active
    Temperature entrainment of the molecular circadian clock circuits in DrosophilaActive
    Physiological role of sucrose and amino acid permeases in higher plants Active
    Transcriptome-wide prediction of eukaryotic translation initiationActive
    Understanding the role of lipid-protein interactions in the intracellular localisation of proteins and its role in muscular dystrophy. Active
    Understanding the role of serum amyloid-P component in the stabilization of amyloid depositsActive
    Characterisation of glycosyltransferases functioning during the synthesis of the secondary cell wall hemicellulose glucuronoxylanDormant
    Global transcriptomic responses to parasitismDormant
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