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Centre for Marketing Research

About Us

Director: Professor Jaywant Singh
Tel: (023) 8059 4481

The Centre for Marketing Research is a well-established research centre at Southampton Business School. As part of the Department of Digital and Data Driven Marketing, it consists of 18 active researchers who conduct research in marketing and consumer related issues. The Centre experts use big data analyses, experiments, quantitative surveys, qualitative and mixed methods to generate evidence-based research output that contributes to theory, business practice, and public policy.

The Centre members are at the forefront of research in the latest as well as traditional marketing areas. The topics cover innovative research methodologies, retailing, branding, luxury marketing, advertising, marketing strategy, services, influencer marketing, sensory marketing, sustainability, and CSR. An overarching focus is the intersection of marketing and advances in digital technology – digital marketing, big data, marketing analytics, and performance measurement.

Members regularly publish in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Retailing, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of World Business, Tourism Management, Harvard Business Review (Online), European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology and Marketing, and Industrial Marketing Management. Members also publish in popular outlets such as Admap, The Conversation, Adweek, and are frequently sought for commentary in the media on current marketing issues and as speakers at international academic and industry conferences.

The members supervise several Phd students who participate in the Centre’s activities. The focus is on equipping the students with latest methodological training and other skills to develop as well-rounded academics. The Centre has on-going recruitment policy of PhD candidates and invites potential PhD applicants to directly contact the Centre Director, or members, with their research interest/proposal, CV and postgraduate transcripts.

  • Consumer Behaviour and Psychology
  • Digital and Big Data Analytics
  • Retail Strategy, Sensory Marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • International and Cross-cultural Marketing
  • Services Marketing, Sharing-based services
  • Luxury Branding, Brand Management
  • CSR, Cause-related Marketing, Social Innovation
  • New Media, Influencer Marketing


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MembersJob role
Professor Paurav Shukla Head of the Department of Digital and Data Driven Marketing
Professor Jaywant Singh Department Head of Research
Dr Rob Angell Associate Professor in Marketing Research, Director of Internationalisation
Dr Younseok Thomas Choi Associate Professor in Digital Analytics
Dr Phil Megicks Associate Professor in Marketing
Dr. Paul Williams Principal Teaching Fellow of Marketing
Dr Steve Chen Lecturer, Programme Leader
Dr Philip Alford Lecturer in Digital Marketing
Dr Weisha Wang Lecturer in Marketing, Programme Leader 
Dr Fenfang Lin Lecturer in Marketing, Programme Leader 
Dr Carmen Lopez Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Tugra Akarsu Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Hongfei Liu Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Alan (Paul) Williams Principal Teaching Fellow of Marketing

PhD Students

Arya Zhao
Zhiying Ben (Belynda)
Long Chen
Ye Zhao
Sukyoung Kang
Samia Almehmadi

The Centre members successfully attract competitive research grants from prestigious funding bodies. The projects take up stimulating and topical research challenges that push the boundaries of knowledge. The novel insights generated by the projects impact business practice and public policy. Several are in collaboration with national/international academic and industry partners.  Examples of the ongoing projects are below:

The UK Research Hub for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems, UKRI, 2020-2025

Principal investigator: Prof. Gopal Ramchurn, University of Southampton

Co-investigator: Professor Paurav Shukla, Southampton Business School

Funding body: UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund


The project: In order to realise the industrial and societal benefits of Autonomous Systems, they must be trustworthy by design and default, judged both through objective processes of systematic assurance and certification, and via the more subjective lens of users, industry, and the public. The UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) Hub will address the above and deliver against the challenges. The hub sits at centre of the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems programme, funded by the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund. The TAS Hub assembles a cross-disciplinary team from the Universities of Southampton, Nottingham, and King’s College London, as well as more than 65 industry partners.

University Students in the Time of Corona (COVID-19)

Principal investigator: Dr Hongfei Liu, Southampton Business School

Co-investigators: Dr Kati Tonkin (University of Western Australia), Professor Meng-Che Tsai (National Cheng Kung University Taiwan), Dr Mariama Zaami (University of Ghana), Dr Sabine Little (University of Sheffield), Ms Katie Livesy (University of Leeds), Dr Cecilia Chun (Chinese University of Hong Kong).

Funding body: Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) development fund


The project: The COVID-19 induced crisis has triggered shutdown of university campuses across the globe, necessitating a rapid shift to online learning and teaching for the vast majority of students. At this profound moment, the immediate concern is student experience of learning and the impact on student well-being. This interdisciplinary research project considers how to harness the learnings from the recent rapid adaptation to e-learning and teaching. The project aims to generate insights for post-pandemic pedagogical design and practice in the HE sector.

Tackling online gaming addiction among adolescences: The role of parental resilience and parenting styles

Principal investigator: Professor Paurav Shukla, Southampton Business School

Co-investigator: Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, ITM Institute of Management, Mumbai, India

Funding body: Small Research Grants, University of Southampton


The project: The objectives of this project are to demonstrate the usefulness of applying a resilience-based approach to behaviour change within the context of online gaming addiction, and to help us understand the importance of effective interactions between parents and children for healthy online gaming engagement. This study concentrates on a child’s micro-environment in which parents comprise a principle component, with a view to understand how parental resilience and parenting styles can avoid and/or reduce gaming addiction. Focusing on an important social issue, the project aims to generate insights for public policy and responsible marketing practices. 

Does an influencer have to exist to be authentic?

Principal investigator: Dr Carmen Lopez, Southampton Business School

Co-investigator: Professor Barry Babin, University of Mississippi, USA

Funding body: BA-Leverhulme Small Research Grant


The project: The study investigates whether the existence of a social media influencer is needed to be authentic in an era in which computer-generated characters are now collaborating with brands to influence followers. The results will be relevant for managers and researchers, as technology is transforming virtual interactions with consumers, and business investments need to be undertaken based on research evidence to ensure they contribute to business profitability and performance.

Effects of online gaming addiction among adolescences and their families

Principal Investigator: Professor Paurav Shukla, Southampton Business School

Co-investigator: Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, ITM Institute of Management, Mumbai, India

Funding body: Academy of Marketing Science & Association Française du Marketing (AMS-AFM) Joint Research Initiative Grant


The project: Online gaming has grown at a rapid rate globally. Within India, it is estimated that there are more than 278 million online gamers across all age groups. At the same time, gaming addiction is on rise too. The World Health Organization – WHO (2018) has included gaming addiction under the eleventh international classification of diseases. This project will demonstrate how the immediate family could act as a substantial deterrent and a positive influence in developing healthy gaming engagement among adolescences. The project findings will inform public policy and marketing in the gaming industry.

Cross Departmental Integration of Social Media within B2B Domain: Interplay Between Marketing and Human Resource Management

Principal Investigator: Dr Hongfei Liu, Southampton Business School

Co-investigator: Dr. Severina Iankova, University of Liverpool

Funding body: BA/Leverhulme Research Grant


The project: Social media is increasingly becoming an integral channel for internal and external communication, engagement and relationship management, and for developing firms’ competitive advantage in the digital age. However, with existing research mainly focusing on the commercial use, effective integrated social media strategies within business-to-business (B2B) firms often remain uncoordinated and lacking direction. The primary focus of this research, therefore, is the practical application of social media channels in facilitating greater integration across multi-departmental functions, specifically looking at marketing and human resource management. The impact of this work will reflect an integrative perspective of social media use in modern B2B organisations. The findings will benefit industry pioneers who aim to enhance interdepartmental co-ordination and management through virtual tools.

The Centre runs a popular research seminar series which invites a wide range of top scholars to present their research. Since April 2020, the Centre also runs a fortnightly webinar series, presented by the doctoral students.


Wednesday 30th June 2021, 1-2pm
Dr Youngseok Choi, Southampton Business School
Theorising Patterns with Computational Approach – Implications for Marketing Research

Wednesday 19th May 2021, 4-5pm
Dr Oguz A. Acar, City, University of London, and Professor Darren W. Dahl, University of British Columbia
The Signal Value of Crowdfunded Products

Wednesday 17th February 2021, 2pm

Professor Hongwei He, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
Conflicting Goals: Calorie Attentiveness and Consumer Food Bundle Choice.

Wednesday 20th January 2021, 1-2pm
Professor Lia Zarantonello, University of Roehampton
To be announced


Wednesday 9th December 2020, 1-2pm
Professor Shaphali Gupta, MICA, Ahmedabad, India
Understanding the Feasibility and Value of Grassroots Innovation

Wednesday 25th November 2020, 1-2pm
Professor Jaywant Singh, University of Southampton
Corporate Social Responsibility: A Crisis-focused framework

Tuesday, 20 October 2020, 1-2pm
Professor Giampaolo Viglia, University of Portsmouth
Future is Far from the Present: How Future Temporal Depth of Individuals with Financial Restrictions Influences their Present-Focused Behaviours

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 1-2pm
Dr. Gillian Brooks, King’s College London
Profiting from Posts: How Online Influencers Maintain Influence

Wednesday 29 July 2020, 3-4pm
Professor Rajeev Batra, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA
Recent insights on consumer-brand relationships

Tuesday 7 July 2020, 12-1pm
Professor Stefano Puntoni, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Psychological reactions to human versus robotic job replacement

Wednesday 1 July 2020
Dr Tugra Akarsu, University of Southampton
Sensory Marketing

18 March 2020 (to be rescheduled)
Professor Markus Blut, Aston University

Technology readiness

Wednesday 26 February 2020
Professor Cammy Crolic, Said Business School, University of Oxford
Recent JCR publication on Hedonic Escalation in Food Consumption

Wednesday 5 February 2020
Professor Simona Botti, London Business School
Theory development as a career framework


Wednesday 18 December 2019
Professor Mat Hughes, Loughborough University
Marketing as an investment rather than a cost.

Wednesday 20 November 2019
Professor Avi Shankar, University of Bath

How to make and position your marketing contribution.

Wednesday 18 June 2019
Professor Mat Robson, Cardiff University
Latest research, as well as strategies for publishing in top journals.

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Dr. Ben Marder, University of Edinburgh
The chilling service outcomes of customer reviews
Further discussion: Designing experiments for marketing research.

Tuesday 22 January 2019
Professor Heiner Evanschitzky, Aston University and Professor Christoph Teller, University of Surrey
The changing face of retailing; publishing in the top marketing journals. 

The Doctoral Webinar Series

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Long Chen
Exploring the concept of the construal level in experiment-based research designs

Wednesday 27 May 2020
Belynda Ben
Effects of Brands' Cultural Accommodation Through Multi-Sensory Website Design

Wednesday 13 May 2020
Arya Zhao
Mediation Analysis: types, conditions, reporting

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