Games Design and Art (BA)

Bachelor of Arts
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3 years
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About this course

Combine the creative side of games design with essential technical knowledge. If you want to make unique new games and take your ambitious ideas into emerging games markets, platforms and spaces, this is the programme for you. You’ll cover design, illustration, character creation, animation and storytelling, as well as coding and digital production.

You’ll work in your own studios on campus as part of a vibrant, creative environment designed to mirror the collaborative practices of games companies and the creative industries.

You’ll learn to apply design-thinking to the creation of brand new games and refine them through research-led creative investigation, making, prototyping and user testing.

You’ll explore the full spectrum of gaming, including screen-based (video) games, augmented and virtual reality game-making, alongside the physical production of products such as location-based games, board games, card games and escape rooms. You’ll also cover the emerging fields of purposeful games and serious games, and explore how games can be designed to have social impact and cultural significance.

Throughout your studies you’ll work with your peers in a small, close-knit studio environment. You’ll collaborate and inspire one another, and discover your strengths. You’ll gain a range of skills including illustration, character design and storytelling as well as coding and digital production.

Your course includes:

  • pitching your ideas and prototypes to industry
  • visits to innovative games studios such as Hello Games, Sensible Object, ustwo games and Sennep games
  • visits to game conferences
  • workshops and advice on your projects from industry
  • live projects with progressive organisations looking to utilise game theory and game design such as National Air Traffic Control, IBM and the Royal Society of Public Health
  • showcasing your projects at external events such as our London show and other globally recognised games events
  • testing and gathering feedback on your ideas with real players

 As part of your course you can choose to:

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Course location

This course is based at Winchester.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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