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The University of Southampton
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What our students think

Photo of Ali Abbas

The initiatives that Southampton undertakes to help students find internships and placements in my opinion give proof of a genuine interest displayed by the University in the professional lives of its students.

Ali Abbas - BSc Economics with Finance
Photo of Damola Akinyemi

My year in employment gave me time to network, explore ventures, and travel; giving me clearer insight and comprehensible vision of my future.

Damola Akinyemi - Bsc Economics with a Year in Employment
Photo of Nicolas Arsalides

The structure of the course is what makes it special. Students can choose from a range of different modules, therefore creating the skill package they believe is the most suitable for their future careers.

Nicolas Arsalides - BSc Economics
Photo of Matt Brady

I am enjoying the fact that everything I learn can be translated and seen in the real world and this really helps me consolidate my studies.

Matt Brady - Bsc Economics
Photo of Christopher Etheridge

Southampton is a great city and there is a lot to do around the city as well as lots of clubs and societies to join at the University.

Christopher Etheridge - M.Econ
Photo of Patrick Grimes

I used the Bloomberg computer suite for my dissertation when collating share price data for companies – it was very useful and made the whole process a lot easier.

Patrick Grimes - BSc Economics and Management Sciences
Photo of Marcus Jennings

The University is fantastic. If you’re looking for an active lifestyle at uni, this is definitely the place to be.

Marcus Jennings - BSc Economics
Photo of Zak Jones

I did a 10 week internship at an investment bank working within the compliance team. It was really interesting working with real data from the outside world and using my analytical skills.

Zak Jones - BSc Economics
Photo of Chloe Larkou

I’ve had an internship at Allianz Insurance within their finance team. I was able to use the economics knowledge that I have gained in my degree such as accounting and quantitative skills.

Chloe Larkou - BSc Economics
Photo of Nicholas Lazarou

Signing off, I wish to stress that my Doctoral studies and achievements are an amalgam of inspiration, challenge, encouragement from fantastic academic staff and colleagues and a great working environment. For students thinking of undertaking postgraduate and/or Doctoral studies in Economics at the University of Southampton, I would simply say “go for it, you will love it!

Nicholas Lazarou - MSc Finance and Economics/PhD
Photo of Andria  Lyssiotou

The academic faculty has been very supportive and friendly and always willing to advise and help students.

Andria Lyssiotou - BSc Economics
Photo of Rajlekha Majumdar

I feel more independent and strong minded. I have learned new skills in both academics and extra-curricular activities.

Rajlekha Majumdar - Bsc Economics With Managemnet Sciences.
Photo of Hairong Mu

What's most important is that the Division ranks very highly in the UK. It is widely recognised for the high quality of both its research and teaching.

Hairong Mu - MPhil/PhD in Economics
Photo of Minh Nguyen

What I loved about studying Maths at Southampton is that, through its very well-organised lectures and clear delivery of knowledge, I was able to develop my critical thinking and problem solving skills tremendously

Minh Nguyen - BSc Mathematics and Economics
Photo of Gladys Osokun

I feel like now I can now show I am competent and worthy of the jobs that are out there.

Gladys Osokun - BSc Economics
Photo of Alex Raikes

I’ve enjoyed the lifestyle at the University. The teaching has been great, we’ve had great support through everything; which is a must when doing a course like Economics.

Alex Raikes - BSc Economics
Photo of Harry Ratcliff

Working and living abroad is something I’ve always looked to do and the University of Southampton gave me this opportunity.

Harry Ratcliff - BSc Economics
Photo of Hussain Razian

I was part of the university taekwondo club for my whole three years and in that time it developed to become like a new family. Without realising it societies train you to manage your time and develop a good work-life balance.

Hussain Razian - BSc Economics
Photo of Catriona Rose

I was immediately attracted to the University of Southampton by the lovely campus.

Catriona Rose - BSc Economics
Photo of Emma Ruston

The University of Southampton stood out for me as having the best of both worlds.

Emma Ruston - BSc Economics
Photo of Tom Scowsill

I have managed to secure a five year graduate training contract with PwC to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant. Southampton’s reputation and strong links with employers certainly helped me to secure this in the extremely competitive graduate job market.

Tom Scowsill - BSc Economics
Photo of Pedro Suppo

Even before I came to England, I had Southampton in my mind.

Pedro Suppo - BSc Economics with Econometrics
Photo of Mauro Testaverde

Southampton was immediately one of my favourite choices because its Economics Department is one of the top 10 in the UK.

Mauro Testaverde - MSc Economics and Econometrics, PhD in Economics,
Photo of Victoria  Watkinson

I enjoy studying at Southampton because it is an environment in which you can succeed.

Victoria Watkinson - BSc Economics
Photo of Holly White

Everyone is so nice. I have really enjoyed my course, especially the development economics module which had great lecturers and led me on to my dissertation topic.

Holly White - BSc Economics
Photo of Ignacio Willats

With the help from the university's Take Off fund I am now building a software company. It's an exciting prospect for me as I have always aspired to start my own venture.

Ignacio Willats - BSc Economics
Photo of Yilun Yan (Ellen)

I appreciate the fact that, in many modules, we have the chance to practise our transferable skills.

Yilun Yan (Ellen) - BSc Economics and Actuarial Science
Photo of Gu Zhang

I was attracted by the guidebook introduction, the high-quality academic research environment, Southampton's position in the ranking of world universities and the beautiful campus.

Gu Zhang - BSc Economics and Finance
Photo of Wei Zhang

The location of the University and the teaching quality in Social Sciences attracted me to Southampton.

Wei Zhang - BSc Economics
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