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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Taylor Day BSc Geography, 2015

Currently studying MSc Applied GIS and Remote Sensing at Southampton

Taylor Day's Photo

Hi, I'm Taylor and I studied BSc Geography within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

The Introductory and Advanced GIS modules allowed me to specialise in an expanding field of Geography and gain skills which will be very relevant for future career opportunities.


Q: What lead you to choose to study Geography at the University of Southampton?
I have always enjoyed learning about Geography and it is the broad scope of the subject which really grips me. Southampton offered a broad range of modules ranging from human to physical geography, but it was the modules focussing on physical geography which really appealed to me. The course at Southampton promised numerous field trips (which, as a Geographer, is a bonus!) as well as expert teaching for the theory element of the course: it was this combination which told me Southampton was the place for me.

Q: What did you enjoy about studying the Geography here?
For me it was the whole experience. I enjoyed the broad range of modules available as well as the close connection with staff that Southampton offers. The work has been hard but that’s what is most rewarding about this degree. It pushes you to achieve the best you can whilst allowing you to learn about some of the most interesting landscapes and processes in the field of Geography.

Q: Were there any particular modules you especially enjoyed?
During my time here, I have enjoyed many of the offered modules. The Introductory and Advanced GIS modules allowed me to specialise in an expanding field of Geography and gain skills which will be very relevant for future career opportunities. I also enjoyed the Arctic and Alpine Geomorphology third year module as this covered an area of Geography not so well known and researched, allowing me to engage with some of the current debates facing the researchers working in such environments. However, these are just a few of my personal favourites. All of the modules were engaging and provide you with knowledge which can be intertwined with other modules.

Q: Where did you undertake fieldwork and did you enjoy it?
I have been on two overseas field trips, to Tenerife and Arolla (Switzerland) during my undergraduate degree. Both trips were amazing, allowing me to see volcanic and glacial landscapes respectively, and enabling me to learn about them at the same time. From walking over two glaciers to cross the Swiss-Italian border, to modelling the impacts of a tsunami on Tenerife, the fieldwork allows you to undertake research in some landscapes which you would never do alone!

Q: What activities did you get involved with during your time at Southampton?
At Southampton, I was an avid member of the Whitewater Kayaking club. I started during my first year with no experience at all and, during my third year, (somehow) went on to come second place in the men’s national intermediate freestyle final. I also went on two of the University Ski trips and very much enjoyed the GeogSoc events which occurred throughout the year. My involvement in these societies has meant that I have met many like-minded people and definitely friends that I will keep well after graduating from Southampton.

Q: Do you have any advice for future students?
My advice would be to check the modules which the Geography Department offers and ensure that they cover what interests you most, and if you are unsure, take the opportunity to speak to current students at the University and find out why they chose Southampton.

Once at Southampton, my advice would be to engage with as many clubs and societies during your first year as possible. This enables you to try many activities and find one which you wish to continue before the workload increases for the second and third year of your degree.

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