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Geophysics degrees

Geophysics is a broad subject at the intersection of the major sciences, which allows geophysicists to investigate fundamental questions of the Earth system.

Seismic Processing lab
Seismic Processing lab

Such breadth allows geophysicists to investigate for example, the driving forces behind plate tectonics, the evolution of currents within the oceans and atmosphere or the interactions between the Earth's magnetic field and the solar wind.

The subject has a wide range of practical applications including searching for new energy sources and mineral resources, or studying locations for civil engineering projects, such as offshore wind farms. Geophysics is also relevant to environmental monitoring and for assessing and mitigating natural hazards as well as playing a role in finding solutions to waste management or characterising and protecting the world's water resources.

A Geophysics degree will enable you to study a mix of quantitative and descriptive disciplines that are highly-prized by employers. NEW - During your degree you will gain experience using the latest geophysical equipment in the field and also take advantage of the excellent computing facilities for laboratory based data processing, analysis and computer modelling. Our excellent links with industry help students find internships and employment after completing the degree.

Professional Accreditation

Geology and Geophysics degree programmes are accredited by The Geological Society. Current students can apply for Candidate Fellowship and once graduated can apply for Fellowship status.


Why study geophysics at Southampton?


The National Student Survey (NSS)

In the National Student Survey, Geophysical Sciences consistently receives excellent results.

97% of Geology and Geophysics students were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of their course (NSS, 2017).



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“I completed a year abroad at Penn State University in the US. The year was full of countless great experiences and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Daniel N Drummond - MSci Geophysics with year abroad, 2012
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