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Doctor Claire Jackson

Dr Claire Jackson

Senior Research Fellow

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr Claire Jackson is a Senior Research Fellow and primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) scientist at the University of Southampton, Faculty of Medicine.  She is affiliated to the Southampton Biomedical Research Centre, Institute for Life Sciences and is based at the University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust with an honorary NHS contract. 

Claire was elected to Univerity of Southampton Senate (2022), leads the PCD diagnostic laboratory, line manages two staff and supervises several postgraduate students. 

She has acted on several committees at the University of Southampton contributing to the Athena SWAN silver application SAT committee, the Faculty of Medicine Postdoctoral Association committee and Mentoring sub-committee.  

Claire was recently awarded 'Engager Mentor' Accreditation by leading, delivering and inspiring others in public engagement in medical research.  Claire is shortlisted for a 2022 Vice Chancellor's award for 'Inspiring Leadership'.