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Doctor Jane Vennik

Dr Jane Vennik

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Jane Vennik is a Senior Research Fellow within the Primary Care Research Centre at the University of Southampton.  She joined the Research Design Service South Central team in April 2021 as a Senior Research Advisor.

Jane completed her PhD funded by NIHR-School for Primary Care Research in 2018. 

Her research focused on the implementation of nasal balloon autoinflation for children with glue ear using a mixed methods approach.

Jane is an experienced qualitative researcher employing a range of qualitative methods to inform clinical trials, to develop and optimise interventions, and to support wider implementation of research findings.   She is also an experienced research manager delivering NIHR-funded research projects within Primary Medical Care at the University of Southampton.

Jane teaches qualitative research methods in Faculty of Medicine and supervises undergraduate medical students and PhD/postgraduate students.  Jane is also a member of the Faculty of Medicine Ethics Committee.