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Doctor Sebastien Pollet

Dr Sebastien Pollet

Research Fellow

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Dr Sebastien Pollet is an Occupational Therapist and Research Fellow based in the Primary Care Research Centre at the University of Southampton.

Dr Pollet’s main interest is in developing innovative health interventions and delivery methods (including the use of existing or novel technologies) that help individuals prevent, manage, and improve health conditions.

Using the Person-Based Approach, he has contributed to the development and/or evaluation of several digital health interventions such as LifeCIT, a self-directed home-based programme of Constraint Induced Therapy after stroke; Active Brains, which aims to reduce cognitive decline in older adults through physical activity, online brain training, and healthy eating; Renewed, which offers lifestyle and wellbeing support for cancer survivors; and Empathico, a training programme for Primary Care Practitioners in Empathy and Optimism which aims to improve outcomes for patients with osteoarthritis.