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Doctor Taeko Becque

Dr Taeko Becque

Senior Clinical Trials Statistician

Research interests

  • Medical statistics
  • Randomised trials
  • Primary care

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Taeko Becque is a statistician working on randomised trials and observational studies in primary care. She works with GPs and health researchers, and contributes statistical expertise to the design, analysis and interpretation of data from randomised trials, observational cohort studies, prognostic studies and meta-analyses. 

She has worked on trials in a variety of areas, including respiratory infections, asthma, COPD, mental health problems, dementia, low back pain, neck pain, eczema, acne and cellulitis. These studies aim to benefit patients by improving the management of common illnesses and conditions; providing evidence to support the better use of antibiotics; developing and evaluating digital interventions for supported self-management; and optimising healthcare interactions and communication.

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