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Geography and Environmental SciencePostgraduate study

Taught Degrees

We offer a range of taught masters programmes to expand your geo-information science and environmental science knowledge. Together these address the fundamental challenges in geography, the environment and GIS communities.

MSc in Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing

Our MSc in Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing degree will expand your geo-information science knowledge and give you access to high-end geo-processing suite. As well as state-of-the-art terrestrial laser scanning equipment. This degree focuses on ‘real world’ problems by applying the technology to areas such as public health and environmental management.

Environmental and Sustainability programmes

We offer a suite of postgraduate environmental and sustainability courses, taught by award winning lecturers, that integrate theory-based learning with fieldwork. From waste management to ecosystem service, sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

Our MSc Sustainability is a research-led applied interdisciplinary degree that explores sustainability in both developed and developing societies. This degree focuses on global issues affecting the planet from climate change to extreme events, social and health inequalities to poverty and resilience. As well as exploring global migration patterns or sustainable business pathways.

The MSc Biodiversity and Conservation develops an understanding of biodiversity loss and the science underpinning conservation work. It provides excellent preparation for careers in ecological consultancy or conservation management.

The MSc Environmental Monitoring and Assessment offers training in how to accurately monitor environmental data and assess predicted change for the safe and responsible management of our environment.

Our MSc Environmental Pollution Control is an exploration of the scientific basis of pollution and practical approaches to its control, suitable for those interested in careers in air, water and waste pollution management.

The MSc Environmental Consultancy covers diverse range of subject areas to meet the environmental sector's calls for graduates with a wide ranging skills set. Students will acquire a broad understanding of the environment and a professional outlook.

Our MSc Water Resources Management gives graduates the ability to accurately assess the potential and existing impacts on the water environment from industrial practices, abstraction and agriculture.

Other studies

Please note that our Environmental Science courses are a Science-based Masters courses, and are not Engineering-based courses. If you wish to undertake an Engineering-based Masters course, you may wish to consider our MSc in Civil Engineering.

Geography and Environmental Science also contributes to the University's innovative interdisciplinary MSc in Public Health. Visit the school site for Medicine for further information can be found and applications.

Course list

MSc in Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
MSc Sustainability
MSc Biodiversity and Conservation
MSc Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
MSc Environmental Pollution Control
MSc Environmental Consultancy
MSc Water Resources Management

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