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The University of Southampton

Joint Honours Programmes

Our academic disciplines relate very closely - and so joint programmes become more than the sum of their two parts. You will benefit from involvement in two academic areas and the diversity of subjects they offer.

You may be keen to continue with two subjects you have enjoyed at college level, for example English and History; or you might be interested in adding a new subject area to your existing study experiences, for example History and Film, or English and Philosophy. Although some of our joint honours programmes may have prerequisites from both subject areas, in others you will find that your choice of subjects at college or school will not have been restrictive.

Our joint programmes are, in the first instance, a 50/50 split between the two named subject areas, and in the first year you will study equal amounts of each. However, in the second and final years you will have the ability, through module choice, to shape your degree to your developing interests, which will evolve as you progress through your course and encounter new ideas. You can also choose which discipline, or both, your dissertation will be focused on, if your choice of programme requires or you decide to write one.

Your joint honours degree will be as academically rigorous, challenging and valued as our single honours programmes, but you will benefit from the additional breadth of knowledge you have encountered. After graduating from one of our joint honours programmes, you can still progress to more specialised Masters level study.

Similar and related programmes

For subject specific lists of joint honours programmes of study either use the subject programme listings in the find a course sections of our websites or refer to the 'Related programmes' tab on any individual programme specification that interests you.

For UCAS applicants you can also check the Subject In profile on each programme listing by subject page.

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