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The University of Southampton
Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration

Professor Mark Cragg

A multi-nuclear HeLa cell post 10 Gy irradiation showing enhanced Aur B-kinase activity, indicating the capacity for further division. DAPI staining of DNA shown in inset
Multinucleated cell

Mark's group is interested in the activation of stem cell and pluripotency genes in the response of tumours to genotoxic stimuli. In particular, he is interested in the role of induced polyploid giant cells in the genotoxic resistance of p53 mutated tumour cells; specifically lymphomas and teratocarcinomas.  During this process endopolyploidisation first occurs, causing genetic instability and DNA repair, followed by depolyploidisation which limits aneuploidy, mutation load and genotoxic/metabolic stress thus favouring cell fitness for tumour progression and treatment resistance.  "stem-cell genes" and the factors of meiotic recombination repair such as Oct4, Nanog, Aurora B, and Rec8 appear intimately involved and we are studying their precise roles. This project is part of a long-standing collaboration with Dr. Jekaterina Erenpreisa (Riga) and Paul Townsend (Soton).

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