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Supplying blood vessels for bone repair

Blood vessels (red) supply the repair of a bone defect
Blood vessels


In a number of clinical settings, large volumes of replacement bone are required to treat skeletal defects. Additionally, with an increasing and aging population hip fracture repair procedures are set to increase placing an even greater demand for bone replacement products.

Our research is centred on developing bone tissue engineering strategies using a combination of biocompatible and three-dimensional matrices or ‘scaffolds', biological signals and stem cells to regenerate bone tissue.

Blood vessels play a critical role in bone development and fracture repair. Key for successful bone regeneration is developing a blood supply to the newly implanted construct. In collaboration with Steve Howdle and Kevin Shakesheff, University of Nottingham, we are developing ways to control the invasion of new blood vessels to coincide with the bone repair sequences of skeletal fractures.


Kanczler JM, et al. (2010) The effect of the delivery of vascular endothelial growth factor and bone morphogenic protein-2 to osteoprogenitor cell populations on bone formation. Biomaterials. 31:1242-1250.

We are exploring new ways to stimulate blood vessels to support the repair of bone by using the chorioallantoic membrane fo the chick egg
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