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Stem cells from the fetus

An isolated fetal femur stained for cartilage (blue) and early bone tissue (red)
Human fetal femur

Fetal tissues and cells have, for a long time, been used to treat a range of degenerative diseases. We have isolated skeletal stem cells from developing fetal femurs as a potential cell source of cells for bone and cartilage repair and regeneration. We have characterised fetal stem cells and have demonstrated their potential to differentiate into multiple cell types including those in bone, cartilage and fat. They also display enhanced proliferation and differentiation potential compared to adult MSCs.



Mirmalek-Sani S.H., et al. (2006)Characterization and multipotentiality of human fetal femur-derived cells: implications for skeletal tissue regeneration. Stem Cells, 24:1042-53

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