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Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (BSc)

Bachelor of Science
Length of course
3 years, starts September 2020
Course type
UCAS course code

About this course

Apply your maths skills to the social sciences, and help solve complex problems. Combine mathematics, statistics, operational research and economics, and learn how to use them in varied contexts. You'll learn how to use statistical and mathematical models and gain the analytical and quantitative skills that employers look for.

Your A level results will determine which core or compulsory modules you'll need to take. Please see the programme specification for the most up-to-date module lists.

Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE) is a broad, business-oriented mathematics degree. It's ideal if you're thinking of a career as a professional mathematician, researcher, statistician or economist.

Our 3-year programme will give you a foundation in the main areas of mathematics, such as:

  • algebra

  • calculus

  • differential equations

Operational research modules will show you how to use maths to model and solve practical problems. Statistics modules explain how to analyse uncertain data.

Within economics you’ll learn how to create models of the complex interactions in an economic system.

This course will develop your abilities in:

  • problem-solving

  • logical argument

  • deductive reasoning

  • abstraction

  • generalisation

As part of this course you can:

  • choose from a range of optional modules to follow your interests

  • discover a range of mathematical techniques, such as graphical networks, cost models, decision processes and statistical modelling

  • solve real-world problems using mathematics and other skills

  • use our student centre, a dedicated learning and social space for maths students

  • explore mathematical and computational packages such as Python and the statistics package 'R'

We'll teach you through a combination of lectures and workshops. Our staff are leading researchers in fields like game theory, healthcare modelling and experiment design.

You can download the course details, including modules, in the programme specificationPDF opens in a new window (PDF, 216.77 KB).

Location and awarding body

The course location is Highfield campus in Southampton. The awarding body is University of Southampton.

Transfer between courses

The first year of this course is the same as Maths with Actuarial Science and Maths with Finance degrees, so you can change your specialisation after year 1.