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Energy at Southampton


Undergraduates at Southampton from across the university can access interdisciplinary courses looking at energy via the CIP Programme

Introduction to Energy in the Environment

Must the human race make the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources - and on a global, national, and personal scale,what would such a change involve? Is there a renewable energy source that can fulfil our energy needs?

This module explores the principles behind energy generation and usage, allowing a look a how our current energy demand can be supported by different types of energy generation. It looks at the motivations for moving away from fossil fuels, and considers both climate change and the finite nature of non-renewable resources. The emphasis will be on developing insight, rather than memorising facts, allowing plenty of opportunity for discussion in the search for clear answers to  difficult questions.

Roughly one third of our energy goes into transportation
A green future

4th year module on Transport, Energy and the Environment

If you choose this module you will engage with key concepts in the study of transport, energy and the environment, including sustainability. The course covers the principles and practice of monitoring and assessing the energy and environmental impacts of transport schemes, with particular reference to the UK. It also provides detailed coverage of the analysis of
transport-related noise, air pollution and carbon consumption.

Dave Mackay Book
Five Energy Plans for Britain
Gain an appreciation of the choices and compromises that need to be made in designing a sustainable and socially/politically viable national/international energy plan
Solve our future energy problems
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