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The University of Southampton

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering requires the application of engineering science and creative problem solving in the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment.


A civil engineer shapes both the physical and natural environment for the benefit of society. Civil engineers provide the infrastructure and facilities necessary for society to function and go about its work – this must be achieved in a sustainable manner.


We work with industry and governments to address some of the key problems facing the world today, including security of energy supply; transportation; infrastructure renewal; environmental protection; resource management; and mitigating the effects of climate change. We work closely with colleagues in Environmental Science with whom we also share a common focus on the impacts and management of human activities on the natural environment. Our core business is knowledge. We aim to provide all of our students with the skills to acquire knowledge. Through our research we generate new knowledge, and we apply this knowledge to real life problems.


Our research in the core civil and environmental engineering disciplines address real-life problems that often do not lend themselves to traditional technical investigation. We work closely with industry and other disciplines to help recognise, define, analyse and solve problems in a way that advances fundamental scientific knowledge and understanding, benefits society and protects and enhances the environment. Increasingly, our research is application- rather than discipline-focused, and this is encouraged by means of inter-disciplinary research with a common focus on the impacts and management of human activities on the natural environment.

Consultancy is provided primarily through the Research Institute for Industry. RIfI is a cutting edge consultancy and applied research organisation able to support and collaborate with industry in the specialist fields of large scale structural testing, geotechnical element testing, field monitoring through to blast and high strain modelling.

Our facilities include:

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