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Professor Stephen Darby 

Professor in Physical Geography

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Steve is Professor of Physical Geography in Geography and Environment. He has worked at Southampton since 1997. He served as the Vice Chair (Research) of the British Society for Geomorphology (2012-2015) and is currently (2017-18) the Chair of that society.

Steve is Professor of Physical Geography in Geography and Environment and Head of Academic Unit. He has worked at Southampton since 1997. He served as the Vice Chair (Research) of the British Society for Geomorphology (2012-2015) and is currently the Junior Deputy Chair of that society.

Web of Science Researcher ID:
Researcher ID: J-5799-2012






Research interests

  • Morphodynamics of large, monsoon-affected, rivers
  • Modelling river channel dynamics, especially in meandering rivers
  • Morphodynamics of submarine meanders
  • Floodplain processes, especially in forested floodplain environments
  • Landscape evolution modelling
  • Influence of vegetation on fluvial forms and processes

Research group

Earth Surface Dynamics

Research project(s)

Flow Dynamics and Sedimentation in an Active Submarine Channel: A Process-Product Approach.

Impacts of Climate and Sea-Level Change on Coastal Gullies

Sediment Transport and Erosion in Large Alluvial Rivers – Source to Sink (STELAR-S2S)

STELAR-S2S is a multi-institutional project, led by Geography and Environment at the University of Southampton. The project is developing new insights into the way large rivers interact with climate to modulate sediment transfer from source to their sinks zones (e.g. in deltas). This requires detailed understanding of the role of bank erosion, floodplain sedimentation and climatic fluctuations on sediment delivery and storage.

Temporal Evolution of Roughness in Eroding River Banks

Re-constructing Past Environmental Conditions Using Landscape Evolution Models

ESPA Deltas

This major four year project funded by the NERC/DfID' Ecosystem Service and Poverty Alleviation' programme aims to assess the livelihoods, health, ecosystems and poverty alleviation in populous deltas

Deltas, Vulnerability & Climate Change: Migration & Adaptation



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Professor Stephen Darby
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