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Dr Yury Bogdanov PhD

Lecturer in Transgenic Technologies

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Dr Bogdanov was appointed as Lecturer in Transgenic Technologies in 2015.

Dr Bogdanov graduated from Kharkov National University in 1991 majoring in genetics. He then moved to Moscow to Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology where he completed his PhD in molecular biology in 1995. After completing his PhD he moved to the University College London to work on ATP receptors and calcium channels and then to University of Pennsylvania to work on GABA receptor biology. Dr Bogdanov is an expert in neuroscience, molecular biology and genetically modified animals.

Dr Bogdanov is interested in two main areas – modulating GABAergic signaling in the immune system to augment immunotherapy of solid tumors and developing new animal models for cancer research.


Diploma in Biology with Honours, Kharkov National University (1991)
PhD in Molecular Biology, Engelhard Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow (1995)

Appointments held

Research Associate, Dept of Anatomy,University College London, 1995-1997
Research Fellow, Dept of Pharmacology, University College London, 1997-2003
Faculty member, University of Pennsylvania, 2003-2006
Senior Scientific Officer, CRUK, London, 2006-2008
Senior Research Fellow, University College London, 2008 – 2015
Lecturer in Transgenic Technologies, University of Southampton, 2015-present

Research interests

Exciting new anti-cancer therapies using immunomodulatory monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are currently being developed. However, these mAbs currently benefit only a limited number of patients and are often accompanied by side effects. One of the likely reasons for their limited success is that tumours evade the immune system through various strategies and modulation of the patient immune system by a single mAb frequently is not enough to overcome the inhibitory tumour microenvironment (TME).

One potential immune regulator present in cancers of the colon, gastric area, pancreas, ovary and breast is γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a major inhibitory signalling molecule in the central nervous system (CNS). A variety of drugs modulating GABAergic signalling in the CNS has been approved for clinical use. It has been shown that GABA can suppress our immune system, and is believed to be produced by some tumours to protect them from attack.

Dr Yury Bogdanov works to determine exactly where GABA is produced in tumours, its targets in the immune system, and the mechanism by which it suppresses the immune system.  The main aim of his work will be to harness the knowledge of the GABAergic signalling in the immune system to re-purpose or create novel drugs to target it. Ultimately, this research could improve immunotherapy, and lead to improved outcomes for patients with a wide range of cancers.


Cancer Sciences

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Member of BRF Scientific Strategy and Management Committee
Postgraduate and PhD students supervision

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Lectures on gene therapy for BIOL3052 Biomedical technology Module Tutorials for medical students

Dr Yury Bogdanov
Cancer Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
University of Southampton
University Hospital Southampton
Tremona Road
Southampton SO16 6YD

Room Number: SGH/3003

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