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Research group

Developmental biology

A woman in a lab holding a test bottle.

We look into basic processes in reproduction and early development, and their relevance to postnatal diseases from cancer to osteoporosis.


We also explore how the periconceptional environment such as diet is thought to influence embryo development and ultimately affect adult health.

Our research areas of interest include:

  • epigenetic processes
  • oocyte meiotic maturation
  • preimplantation development
  • oriented cell division and polarity in mammary epithelial tissue
  • bone development
  • extracellular matrix and stem cell biology
  • the role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in tumour invasion

Research highlights

Projects and publications

Our people

Our lab is discovering the mechanisms underlying the interaction between environmental factors, genetic and epigenetic processes and their influence on disease risk across the life course.
Professor of Epigenetics
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