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The University of Southampton
Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration

Professor Tom Fleming, Dr Judith Eckert and Dr Neil Smyth

 Tom, Judith and Neil use mouse embryonic stem cells to investigate developmental mechanisms underlying environmental effects on early embryos mediated through, for example, poor maternal diet and ART technologies. Such environmental factors around the time of conception can influence the programme of development leading to long-term cardiovascular and metabolic disease in adulthood. Embryonic (and trophoblast) stem cells derived from blastocysts following environmental challenge are investigated for phenotypic characteristics (metabolism, proliferation and cycling, signal transduction, expression profile, epigenetics, differentiative capacity, developmental potential) to interpret how environment can change developmental plasticity, also saving on animal use in research.

See here for their pages in the Faculty of Medicine: Tom Fleming, Judith Eckert, Neil Smyth.

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