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The University of Southampton
Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration

Dr Melissa R Andrews

Axonal projections from iPSC-neural precursor cell transplants in the cerebral cortex
Axonal projections from iPSC-neural precursor cell transplants

The aim of my group is to investigate novel mechanisms of promoting brain and spinal cord repair following traumatic injury using cellular transplantation and gene therapy.  Much of our research involves the use of transmembrane receptors such as integrins and neurotrophic factor receptors to promote regeneration.  Our group focuses on a variety of techniques including in vivo models of CNS injury and behavioural recovery alongside cell culture based neurite outgrowth assays.  As IPS cells are a valuable tool for CNS regeneration, we utilise these cells to structurally rebuild damaged nervous system pathways as well as to provide missing growth-promoting molecules vital for axonal regrowth. 

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